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Aug 19, 2016
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Recently there was a posting about the problem of cartridges in the magazine that would pop out of the magazine rather than staying secure until the bolt pushed it into the chamber. I tried the search but didn't find the thread, primarily because I couldn't recall enough of the title for an accurate search. On that thread I noted that I had a Springfield that recently had a similar problem- the last cartridge (or the first depending on how you view it)- the cartridge that when it is removed leaves an empty magazine, would pop-up, sometimes flipping so that it sat backwards on the follower or going completely out of the rifle. The rails had not been modified, the follower was same as when there was no problem and the rifle was chambered with original barrel. The advice of the responders was that the spring had weakened and needed to be replaced. I ordered a new spring from Numrich and received it today. I swapped out the springs and tested by loading and cycling a few full magazines. No hint of a problem, so appears the problem is solved.

One thing that is courteous- comparing the springs, the old one has a relaxed spread about an inch wider than the new one, so intuitively the old one would have more compression than the new- but appears that despite the shorter amount of movement, the newer spring is stronger than the older.

Thanks again to all who responded. I can now resume hunting, confident that the rifle will perform as designed.

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I have a like new VC .450 I might part with. I had it built in 2013 and it has served me well. Also have a VC fitted leather trunk case for it along with the plastic case it came with. I'll take 14000 for all of it.
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I have been looking for ideas on the best way to display my European mounts from Africa. I came across some of your shield work and was wondering if you would be willing to make one for me? If so, please let me know the cost. I like the shield with the two spears that you built for a member years ago. Thanks.
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Sold a Blaser scope mount to him. He was a pleasure to do business with.
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Sold a Blaser scope mount to him. Was a pleasure to do business with.