Ten days till first trip of year

Did you get one?
Best of luck! Nothing like carrying on a conversation with a nice Tom until he's nearly at your feet! Very exciting!
Good luck in Oklahoma !

Opening day in Texas was good for my wife and I. We hunt about 40 miles east of San Angelo, lots of birds..
@Fire652 doesn't matter now! Now that the monkey is off your back you can rack them up!
I agree. Kind of surreal though. Now that it is over it is a different feeling. Excited yet missing the chase again next year. Going to have to find a new one to go after. (Hopefully not a sheep as that would be expensive )
I felt that way once I got my slam, I finished with a Merriam, still had a tag in my pocket and just decided to sit at camp and have a cigar. I secretly have the sheep slam on my list but between points and saving up funds that is a long term one. I chose Deer as my next slam to chase. Right now I have a Columbian blacktail and whitetail to my name. But maybe coues this year and Sitka in 2019. Definitely gives you something to do that doesn't kill the bank.
I am going after each sheep. But do not know if I can do it more then once
Well Kentucky was good as well. Wind and rain but got er done

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Glad you finally got your Rio , nice tom.
you showed your pattern on the turkey target, what kind of choke, what kind of shell & shot size.
I am shooting Winchester Long beard XR #5 with trulock choke for LB # 5 shot ,Very dense pattern. Forrest
Looks like a Oklahoma was good to ya!
Royal slam done. Lots of days away and I think my turkey season is winding down, but what a way to get her done.
Beard lengths of 11 and 12 (double) inches
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I'm trying to obtain an Australian Visa, but I was arrested over 10 years ago and the government is requesting a state police clearance letter and character declaration letter. Do I need to provide an FBI criminal record check as well?

This is the most difficult place I have ever tried to get into.


doing some culling today for the pot!
Should have recieved it, seems your FFL was a bit of a hassle