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Thank you Ed about this text.​

Hunting in Argentina: Arrival​

Argentina is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard time so jet lag is not a problem. However, it is a long enough journey for a solid case of travel fatigue. We arrived without incident, met up with one of our guides, Nahuel, and traveled due south to the 7500 acre property near the very small town of Deloris. After the journey all we wanted to do was unpack, shower, relax, and discuss the hunting plan over dinner, and hopefully sleep well. However, Nahuel proposed we change into hunting clothes ASAP and go blackbuck hunting.

Going after the smallest, spookiest, animal that would require the longest shot did not sound like a good idea considering how burned out by travel I felt!

Following rule #1 of a guided hunt we yielded to the request and were soon sneaking along a brushy ridge within range of a group of blackbuck and Fallow deer.

The herd ram was easy to identify so I tried to get comfortable and relaxed for a steady hold on the oil can size vitals. The combination of my jackhammering heart, a minimal rest, and the constant movement this specie is known for resulted in my less than Camp Perry performance and the shot sailed right over his back.

A missed shot is never a good way to start out a hunt. However, it snapped my attention and got me in the groove for the next opportunity. I spotted a larger ram shortly after my miss and this time I felt confident and my trigger squeeze was steady and deliberate. The ram “pogo- sticked” straight up at the shot which is the normal reaction to a vital hit. The death run was in our direction. I heard “shoot again!

Not wanting to cause excessive damage to such a small animal I shot it through both front legs just above the hooves, dropping it as still as a chalk line at a murder scene. This is a difficult shot to pull off on a small running animal but I pulled it off this time! Seriously? Not really.

Having successfully taken a blackbuck the evening of arrival I was now really ready for my previously mentioned arrival plans and woke up the next morning ready to get serious. We started the day over a strong cup of coffee and the plan was to hunt for a big Jabali (wild boar). (...)

The history keeps going on the website, please go check it!

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