TANZANIA: Experience With Pano Hunting Safaris?

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May 1, 2022
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Have any of you hunted with Pano Calavrias with Pano Hunting Safaris in Tanzania? He had a cape buffalo hunt donated to an auction of which I looked at and have since dicussed potential options for a hunt.

Thanks in advance.
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We have a hunt booked with him as well, it's been postponed but he mentioned he could get us in this year. Still waiting to hear. When is your hunt? If we get out this year, we'll let you know how it goes.
Have you heard anything from Pano recently? I've sent him messages but he hasn't responded. He had promised us a hunt in November but it is too late to book all the logistics now. We've prepaid for our hunt, something I'll never do a again, and I fear we may not hunt at all.
you hunted with him then? When did you hunt? How did it go?
A friend of mine met him briefly at the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club about 3 weeks ago (I have no more details than that).
Myself and other hunters are having issues with Pano. If you are having issues with Pano Calavrias, please send me your story. he also guides under the names Mkwawa Hunting Safaris and PanoRex Hunting Safaris.
If you could get your friend to post something, that would be helpful. Pano claims to be broke and unable to hunt, or pay people money he owes, yet I get information he's living a pretty good life.
Steer clear of donation hunts....never pay all in advance.....do your homework before......simple business practice....
If only it were that simple.
Steer clear of donation hunts....never pay all in advance.....do your homework before......simple business practice....
I met Pano while hunting in Tanzania with Rungwa Safaris in 2018. Pano was a friend of Harpreet Brar, the owner of Rungwa Safaris and spent about a week with us. This was not only my first safari, it was my first hunt with a rifle following a 45 year lapse. Pano graciously shared his knowledge and years of experience.

He knows animals and he knows how to hunt them. He has an endless supply of stories and can be quite entertaining. We shared many laughs. Google his lion attack/survival.

I used to see him at the DSC and SCI conventions although it's been a couple years since our last meet. I don't know his age, but he's got to be getting up there.

There were never any contracts or financial dealings between us, but I have heard rumors he's had some difficulties.

If you are looking for a hunt in Tanzania, contact Harpreet. His camps are first class and his hunting areas are prime with lots of game. On that first safari in 2018 I took over 30 trophies in 18 days - many of which scored SCI Gold.

My wife and I returned for her photo safari in 2019. Harpreet's photo lodges are absolutely amazing and the hospitality of his family and staff are beyond comparison.

Try contacting Harpreet through the Rungwa Safaris website and ask if he has any update on Pano. If you're going to be at the DSC convention, Rungwa always has a booth.

I can ask around if you like.

If you've never met Pano, here's a couple pictures from 2018; Pano is the older guy in camo, Harpreet is the guy with the beard.


Definitely expensive lesson learned with Pano! I have a story to tell but currently waiting for Pano to pay back the substantial amount of money he "owes" me and my hunting buddy. I have met him, at the hunting expo in Calgary, Alberta, that's where we paid for the hunt. With this experience, I can't afford to hunt in Tanzania again, I think that opportunity is now lost. Pano has told me he's too sick to hunt and guide and therefore he can't pay me back but I know he's guided hunters in the last couple of months. If you could ask around, that would be great.
Very sorry to hear that, but I am not surprised. I have had a couple of bad experiences as well over the past few years. These PHs make promises and assurances and "something" comes up - and it's typically after you've paid them.

I've sent a couple emails and text messages; I will let you know if/when i hear anything.

If Pano is having problems, I doubt he will be any any of the upcoming conventions.
That's a name from the past...last time I saw him was at an sci convention years ago....can't even remember where it was....he had a very fancy booth so we presumed he had found some big backers....had 4 I think very pretty girls hosting on his booth...me and a mate saw he wasn't there so went on and the girls started doing their marketing speech....we played along and asked questions and realised they were there for their looks as didn't have a clue about hunting really...just what they had been briefed on...so we started asking all sorts along with accepting the copious amounts of liquid refreshments they offered....our conversations were getting pretty ridiculous on what we were asking about on the hunting they were theoretically trying to sell...and panos arrived back....the girls enthusiastically told him they had couple of very keen potential clients....he just looked at them then us...and said basically, very funny now fk off... :E Rofl:
Just received a response regarding Pano, brief with not a lot of details, saying his health was still not good, he had cancer last year, but is still hunting.

There were no other specifics.
Steer clear of donation hunts....never pay all in advance.....do your homework before......simple business practice....
Yep , there are 4 different sheep hunting outffitters who got kicked out of WSF for stealing deposits and never filling contracts on paid hunts !
$$$ to doughnuts there’s a pile of outfits to avoid for a safari

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