Suspected poacher dies after Rhino attack


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Dec 18, 2015
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"Rhinos are helpful and take care of the poachers themselves," said the Minister of Environment and Tourism, after a suspected poach broke his wounds last weekend after a rhino attack.

The minister, Mr. Pohamba Shifeta, on a media conference in the capital, provided the latest bulletins yesterday and confirmed that a suspected poacher died on Saturday, 21 October after being seriously injured by a rhino in the Etosha National Park.

"Two suspects were arrested last weekend in the Etosha National Park after attempting to hunt illegal rhinos. They were attacked and injured by a renaissance cow," Shifeta said.

He said one suspect who was injured less seriously was arrested last Sunday and the other one with serious injuries on Saturday.

"He tried to walk, but he blew a lot. He died moments after his arrest due to alleged dehydration and injuries to the rhino attack," the minister said.

According to the Namibian police (Nampol) crime report, the seriously injured suspect was found around 11:30 on Saturday and a post-mortem investigation will determine the cause of his death.

"Through our intelligence, the suspects activities were already known to the authorities," said Shifeta.

According to the minister, ammunition and a gun were found in the suspect's possession.

The surviving accused, Mr. Rufeni Muharukua, on Monday, complained of a specially protected game, the possession of ammunition without a license, and the entry of the Etosha National Park without a permit in the Opuwo Magistrate's Court.


In addition, the minister said bulletins dropped significantly with a total of 27 rhinos poached this year against 60 last year and 95 by 2015.

As far as elephants are concerned, a total of 20 were stripped of this year compared to 101 elephants last year and 49 in 2015.

"We have begun to reduce the tendency of poaching with fewer stripping cases recorded this year, and in our efforts we also arrested suspects in conjunction with Nampol and other law enforcement officers," Shifeta said.

According to him, 75 suspects in connection with wild-related crime such as illegal hunting and possession of rhino horns or elephant teeth were arrested this year. Last year, 82 were arrested and 96 by 2015.

"We found a total of 30 rhino horns, as well as 183 elephant teeth and 69 pieces of ivory. This is a performance by the Ministry, Nampol and the Namibian Army (NDF)," Shifeta said.

"It shows that the efforts and investments against poaching by the ministry and other authorities such as Nampol, NDF, the Namibian Central Intelligence Service, the prosecutor's office, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, international development partners, conservation areas, farmers and members show results from the public. "

The minister has said that since the beginning of the current stripping issue, the government has put in place measures to tackle poaching in the country and more resources have been used to fight it.

"Poaching involves international criminal syndicates, is complicated and commercialized, and we are not dealing with livelihoods like in the past," said Shifeta.

The original version in Afrikaans below:

Vermeende stroper sterf na renosteraanval

"Renosters is behulpsaam en takel self die stropers," het die minister van die omgewing en toerisme gesê nadat 'n vermeende stroper die naweek aan sy wonde beswyk het ná 'n renosteraanval.

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Die minister, mnr. Pohamba Shifeta, het gister tydens 'n mediakonferensie in die hoofstad die jongste stropingsyfers verskaf en bevestig dat 'n vermeende stroper Saterdag (21 Okt) oorlede is nadat hy ernstig deur 'n renoster in die Etosha Nasionale Park beseer is.

"Twee verdagtes is verlede naweek in die Etosha Nasionale Park in hegtenis geneem nadat hulle onwettig renosters probeer jag het. Hulle is deur 'n renosterkoei wat 'n kalf het, aangeval en beseer," het Shifeta gesê.

Hy sê een verdagte wat minder ernstig beseer is, is verlede Sondag in hegtenis geneem en die ander een met ernstige beserings Saterdag.

"Hy het probeer loop, maar hy het baie gebloei. Hy het oomblikke ná sy inhegtenisneming weens vermeende dehidrasie en beserings van die renosteraanval gesterf," het die minister gesê.

Volgens die Namibiese polisie (Nampol) se misdaadverslag is die ernstig beseerde verdagte omstreeks 11:30 Saterdag gevind en 'n nadoodse ondersoek sal die oorsaak van sy dood bepaal.

"Deur ons intelligensie was die verdagtes se aktiwiteite reeds bekend aan die owerhede," het Shifeta gesê.

Volgens die minister is ammunisie en 'n geweer in die verdagtes se besit gevind.

Die oorlewende beskuldigde, mnr. Rufeni Muharukua, het verlede Maandag op klagte van die jag van spesiaal-beskermde wild, die besit van ammunisie sonder 'n lisensie, asook die betreding van die Etosha Nasionale Park sonder 'n permit in die Opuwo-landdroshof verskyn.


Voorts het die minister gesê stropingsyfers het aansienlik gedaal met altesaam 27 renosters wat vanjaar gestroop is teenoor 60 verlede jaar en 95 in 2015.

Wat olifante betref, is altesaam 20 vanjaar gestroop in vergelyking met 101 olifante verlede jaar en 49 in 2015.

"Ons het begin om die tendense van stropery te laat afneem met minder stropingsgevalle vanjaar aangeteken, en in ons pogings het ons ook verdagtes in samewerking met Nampol en ander wetstoepassers in hegtenis geneem," het Shifeta gesê.

Volgens hom is vanjaar 75 verdagtes in verband met wildverwante misdaad soos onwettige jag en die besit van renosterhorings of olifanttande in hegtenis geneem. Verlede jaar is 82 in hegtenis geneem en 96 in 2015.

"Ons het altesaam 30 renosterhorings gevind en daarop beslag gelê, asook op 183 olifanttande en 69 stukkies ivoor. Dit is 'n prestasie van die ministerie, Nampol en die Namibiese weermag (NDF)," het Shifeta gesê.

"Dit wys dat die pogings en die beleggings teen stropery deur die ministerie en ander owerhede soos Nampol, NDF, die Namibiese sentrale intelligensiediens, die aanklaer-generaal se kantoor, die private sektor, nie-regeringsorganiasies, internasionale ontwikkelingsvennote, bewaringsgebiede, boere en lede van die publiek resultate toon."

Die minister sê sedert die begin van die huidige stropingsprobleem, het die regering deur die ministerie maatreëls in plek gestel om stropery in die land te takel en meer hulpbronne is aangewend om dit te beveg.

"Stropery behels internasionale kriminele sindikate, is ingewikkeld en gekommersialiseerd, en ons het nie hier te doen met bestaanstropery soos in die verlede nie," het Shifeta gesê.



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Well a lot of folks who read the original report got what was hoped for. They don't call rhino dangerous game for nothing.

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