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    I know they say that when you are in bear country, you should make a lot of noise so you don't accidentally surprise a bear. A lot of people put bells on their shoes for this purpose.

    I have always believed that you can tell grizzly scat from black bear scat by the presence of little bells. Therefore, I choose to try to move quietly and to pay attention so that I don't surprise a bear from a few feet away.

    The second half of our June trip was spent in Yellowstone National park. Again, we got off the roads and hiked into the mountains.

    Because we were being quiet, we were able to get pretty close elk in the picture. I had a longer lens with me and was able to get this shot from about 40 yards away. After taking the pictures, we were able to walk away without seeing any reaction from the young bull. I'm pretty sure that he never heard us.

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