Still worth buying a 338 WinMag if I own a 375?

On any game animal (minu
I´ve hunted in two similar properties, my bushbuck comes from one of them.

Swift and Rhino are well liked in .375 and with good reason, but it handles quite the modt one can think of of components quite good also.

What kind of ranges would you be comfortable taking on Moose/Elk with the 338?
On any game animal (minus coyotes, etc) I limit my shots to 400 yards if conditions are satisfactory to take such a shot. But ill try to familiarize myself to 500 yards on paper, no matter the firearm. I do have the advantage on now being able to target shoot to almost 700 yards here at farm even though I'm not really worth a shit at that range, but practicing and having fun doing so.
I'm probably the wrong person to provide input, since I have no real need for either chambering at the moment, but I currently own two .375 Rugers and used to own a .338 WM. The 338WM was sold because I thought it was made redundant by the .375's and my .300 mag. The .338 does have a bit more energy than the .300WM while shooting a bit flatter than the .375 though. If that's an appealing compromise to you it would be worth it. For my anticipated uses, the .300WM and .375 Ruger should cover the bases.
It only costs you the difference in what you pay and what you sell it for.
I have both. I’ve shot all my elk with my Browning A Bolt .338. I haven’t shot anything with my .375 yet. I’m not into shooting anything over 300 yards and haven’t had to. I’m also not into chasing wounded elk in the mountains. I use the .338 because it drops elk quick regardless of the yardage.
I’ve been hunting with a 338 as my primary ‘go-to’ rifle since 1985. I also shoot a 416. Having those two didn’t stop me from adding a 375 H&H recently. I’m headed to Tanzania with my son in 8 weeks. We are taking all 3 rifles and will enjoy each of them.

As others have said, the 338 Winchester is one of the all-time great cartridges.
Agreed, I have both as well. Mine is a 338 Ultra with a shortened barrel. It's perfect for packing around elk country.
Uhh, a shortened barrel kinda seriously defeats the purpose of having any RUM. They’re designed to be shot in longer barrels, all RUM cartridges.
Those are the ranges I'm thinking of. 500-600m that are not uncommon in western Canada.

I know that 7remMag will do the same but likely in a lighter platform than the 338.
Nope....light bullets, does not even make sense to say 7mm mag covers the same niche as the .338 WM.
I've lately been drawn to the 338WM as a more long range option for taking elk-sized game. I already own a 375H&H, is the 338WM unique enough to own as well?

it looks like the 375 produces about 10% more muzzle energy and while a flat shooter, is outperformed by the 338s higher BCs the further you reach out.

would you pick up a rifle in 338WM if you currently owned a 375?
I had the opposite dilemma. Got the .338 first, then a .375 just to get DG legal for my next Africa hunt.
If I had to pick a single cartridge for anything whitetail size and larger in North America 338 Winchester be my choice. For me, not foreseeing shooting over 300 yards, it definitely exceeding my abilities. It is where my personal cartridge comfort level begins when in the closer range bear environments. I like shooting my 338's, have zero desire to sell them. That being said my 375's come very close to covering that same 300 yard trajectory. But the 338 Winchester still has an advantage with a bit higher bc bullet.

For my present purposes the 338 Winchester is a better fit than my 300 mags in most circumstances. My moose hunting is certainly 250 yards and under so my 325 WSM and 338 Winchester get consideration over the 300 mags. Maybe for caribou on the windy tundra, I would favor the 300's. But, considering my personal range limitations I think I will still take a 338 Winchester.
Uhh, a shortened barrel kinda seriously defeats the purpose of having any RUM. They’re designed to be shot in longer barrels, all RUM cartridges.
Yes it does. It's serves the purpose with acceptable to me velocity loss. I found a used RUM at a good price, so I bought it. 2700 fps with 250 gr bullet with 21.25" barrel. Velocity went up after I removed the front two magnaport cuts. I cut an inch at a time shooting over a chrono tracking velocity loss. Knowing the possibility of having to rebarrel the rifle if went to far.
The 338 wm imo is one of the best calibers ever created. Low recoil in a properly built rifle, shoots everything from 200gr to 300gr projectiles, can be built on a std size action and in general my experience has been the caliber is inherently accurate. I’m lucky enough to possess a 338 built by Gary Goudy and Herman Waldron, it shoots 225tsx at a half inch @100, it shoots 300 gr Woodleigh @ 1/2” 100, has express sights for close work on bears etc. I’ve killed a plethora of game with it. it will be one of the rifles my dying hands will be clamped down on at the end.

I feel it is the North American version of the 375. Get a good one and you won’t regret it.
Those are the ranges I'm thinking of. 500-600m that are not uncommon in western Canada.

I know that 7remMag will do the same but likely in a lighter platform than the 338.
The 338 will do everything that the 7mm Rem mag will do only with a heaver bullet.
I have a .338WM and a .375 RUM. Love them both. If it were me I would get the .338, it is one of the best most versatile cartridges of all time. I have shot everything from ferrel hogs up to water buffalo in Australia with it.
500-600m is a long, uncertain range for shooting at big game. A 338 WM would fill the gap nicely between 30 and 375 but the 375 would nicely fill the same gap down to 30 caliber :) Just another way to look a it. Overall the 338 WM is very versatile. My range of big game calibers, after a few years of thinning goes: 270 Win, 338-06, 375 HH, 416 Rem Mag, 458 Watts. If forced to go Spartan minimalist I would keep the 338-06 and 416 Rem Mag.
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Since I have a 340 Weatherby I figure that my next step up will be a 404 Jeffery

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