Special discounted Marco Polo and Ibex hunt For AH hunters

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    Marco polo sheep and Mid Asia Ibex Naryn Region combo

    The hunts take place in the highlands of Tien-Shan Mountains at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level.
    The camps are equipped with horses, electric lights and good food to make the hunting tours enjoyable and successful. Accommodation is provided in hunting lodges and/or spike camps.
    The camps will reduce travelling up and down the mountain.
    Hunts will be conducted the request of a hunter on horseback or either foot in the mountains at an altitude of 3,500-4,500 meters above sea level.
    The hunter will be accompanied by a professional and a 2nd guide providing assistance.
    Distance from Bishkek to the camp 320 km and 5 hours drive by vehicle.

    Prices 1 march 2013/28 February 2014.

    Pricing Marco Polo/Ibex
    MP $12 000
    Ibex $1800
    Day fees $7 100 ( 2 hunters and more)
    Day fees $7 500 (1 hunter).
    Total: - 1 hunter $21 300
    - 2 and more $20 900

    - Trophies taken
    - Pick up and return Bishkek airport.(wounded and lost trophies not charged)
    - All transportation to and from the hunting region.
    - All transportation (jeeps, horses)
    - All serving staff including one interpreter per group/camp.
    - Invitation letter, firearm permit, hunting permit, state fee.
    - Accommodation and food in the camp.
    - Service of professional guide.
    - Service guides cooks and maintenance staff at the hunting camp.
    - Trophy care and packing for shipment.
    - Kyrgyzstan re-exports permit & veterinary certificate (and TRACES for European);
    -One night's hotel accommodation in Bishkek after the hunt

    - Airline ticket to/from Bishkek.
    - Observer fee.
    - Additional trophies taken.
    - Gratuities usually 7- 10% from cost of hunt all staff involved.
    - Lodging, drinks, meals and travel charges incurred before and after the contracted period of the hunt
    -US import permits for trophies
    -Any requests outside the contractual hunt.
    - Excess luggage fee charged by airlines.
    - Shipment of trophies recommended taking with after hunt.
    - Telephone calls.
    - Items of a personal nature.
    - Insurance (Trip Cancellation, Medical Evacuation, etc.)
    - Visa


    - VIP services at airport in Bishkek cost $ 110. Recommended! This service is excellent. They will meet you at the airport take you to a special lounge where you l wait at leisure. Passport and rifle procedures done by them.
    -It is cheaper to take the trophies back as excess baggage. Remember to get your import permit before you leave the USA.The trophies can be send by courier though.
    -Insurance medical and trip cancellation recommended.

    Schedule of hunting:
    Day 1 - Arrival and transfer to hunting camp, accommodation
    Day 2 - Ranging rifles, rest, walk and acclimatization
    Days 3-10 - Hunting for MP+ Ibex
    Day11 - Departure to Bishkek, accommodation in hotel
    Day 12 - Tour in Bishkek, return flight home
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    Where is the Marco polo hunters ? This is a good offer!
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    Hi Theo. We would all love to see some Photo's of the area and the animals taken by this outfitter. A description of the outfitter and how long he has been doing this as well as success rates. I think you already have most of this info. Might perk up a bit more interest. Best of luck. Bruce

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