Special African hunt for $175/day

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    Traditional Tented African Safari - 2010 Season

    The safari industry in South Africa is based on the luxury lodges in and around the hunting areas. This pushes the price of the day fee up and makes the hunt much more expensive.

    What we offer with the traditional tented safari is the chance to come and hunt Africa the way it was a 100 years ago. Come and enjoy your stay in a tented fly camp with all that is needed to make your hunt an enjoyable Africa experience.

    Come and hunt the African way!

    $175 pppd 1x1 (one hunter / one professional hunter)
    $140 pppd 2x1 (two hunters / one professional hunter)

    Included in the price:
    • Services of a Professional Hunter, Trackers, Skinners, Cook & Camp Staff
    • Johannesburg Airport Transfer
    • Transportation during the hunt
    • Accommodations
    • Three meals per day as well as refreshments
    • Beer, wine, cold drinks
    • Trophy field preparation and transportation to local Taxidermist
    • Hunting licenses and permits
    Not included in the price:
    • Firearm Import Permit
    • Extra days (Hunter) $175 pppd
    • Non-hunters (Observers) $140 pppd
    • Children under 12 stay Free!
    o Baboon - $500
    o Black Wildebeest - $1,050
    o Blue Wildebeest - $900
    o Burchell's Zebra - $950
    o Bushbuck - $800
    o Bushpig - $500
    o Cape Buffalo - POR
    o Cape Eland - $1,850
    o Caracal - $500
    o Civet - $500
    o Common Blesbok - $380
    o Common Nyala - $2,450
    o Genet - $500
    o Grey Duiker - $250
    o Jackal - $60
    o Kalahari Gemsbok - $950
    o Lynx - $300
    o Mountain Reedbuck - $700
    o Ostrich - $500
    o Porcupine - $225
    o Red Hartebeest - $900
    o Ringed Waterbuck - $1,400
    o Southern Greater Kudu - $1,400
    o Southern Impala - $300
    o Steenbok - $250
    o Warthog - $300
    Note: some species may require a pre-hunt permit; please let us know in advance the species you intend to hunt so we can get the necessary paperwork ready

    Please contact us for more information.

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