SOUTH AFRICA: Troskie Hunt Review. 59+ Inch Kudu And More Highly Recommended Outfitter


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Jan 1, 2012
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OK all I know its been forever since I was on here a few eeks ago with a few quick reports about my recent safari with Chris Troskie but I'm home now and am posting a more detailed review of the trip. Pics and descriptions follow, enjoy :cool:

We overnight-ed at Africa House upon arrival in jo-berg due to the last hour and some logistics. I must say it was a+ accommodations and a great nights rest after a long flight.



Chris and Sabina picked us up the next AM and we headed for his base camp ( lodge really) near Lephalele
We had a very comfortable two person chalet to ourselves and could not have asked for any better. :)


Meals were prepared each evening by Sabina and I have to tell you this woman is an INCREDIBLE cook!
Even if she were not gracious and attractive, I'm sure Chris would have married her for the food alone. LOL
Good meals, comfortable lodging, gracious hosts and some nice stiff drinks, who could ask for more in a lodge/base camp? Certainly not my daughter and I.

There's too much to write to include every little detail so we'll just hit the highlights, but let me say that Chris will do everything to get you on the game. He is diligent, knows his concessions and has great contacts in the area for plentiful game opportunities. Have no fear, Chris delivers!

A nice Zebra was the first kill, I took her at about 70yds in brush with a solid frontal hit. She didn't go far but we had a bit of a time finding her as several Zebs scattered in various directions and she didn't bleed as there was no exit wound. Chris's Jack Russel, 'Mrs Walker" saved us from what as sure to be more searching.


The next kill was to be the trophy of a lifetime and the best of the hunt. A 59 6/8 Kudu! I took him from about 200yds off hand, as he moved side-hill across the ridge. The first round connected and crippled him (shattered off side shoulder) and he began coming downhill quite a bit, he then turned and started going up and although he was certainly not going far, Chris asked if I could hit him again, I drew down, let 1/2 breath out and anchored him with a neck shot. I put one last round into his boiler room for good measure and we started up after him. We really didn't know HOW HUGE this ole boy was until we got up there to him. Being a beginner it took me awhile for it to sink in just what a great animal this was. Ill likely never duplicate this one, cant wait to see him on the wall! If this was all I got on that safari, Id have considered it a successful trip!


The view from where I took him, the little black dot is close in scale to his size, my daughter stood in the exact spot to recreate the pic. You can just make her out with her arms outstretched. Ill never forget those 3 rounds and the exhilaration of connecting each one on such challenging shots.


more in the following post............


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We didnt connect with anything the next two days and the hunting got hard and slow, but that's why it's called hunting and not shooting!

Waiting on the safari truck after a 2.5 hour wildebeest stalk. Busted...damn wind!



The next day was my daughters day and she connected with a 51 inch Kudu and a very nice Nyala, both within 30 mins and 50 yds of each other. That's the way it goes sometimes LOL



That day made for one happy young lady!



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Next to the last day, we sat in the shade in a secret spot and watched Impala come to the river to drink, waiting on a couple big ones. We connected again. :)



If you ever go with Chris on safari, ask him about why we named my rifle "The Freight Train" after taking that first Impala at about 100 yds. Good story. :cool:

I took a decent warthog the next day, but don't have a pic handy. Nothing spectacular, but a good specimen we hunted hard for and earned the hard way.

The last day before leaving, Chris and I hunted again, this time looking for bushbuck, the result was a very nice buck taken in heavy cover at a but under 100yds. One shot and the "freight Train" did her thing again.


I hope all here at Africa Hunting enjoyed the pics and brief stories, I highly recommend Chris Troskie for a hunt, whether you're a first timer or a veteran.



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Congrats for a great hunt and good trophies, specially that kudu ! I hunted that area in 2008 with Elandsbosch Safaris near Steenbokpan.

Thanks for sharing.
Congrats to both of you, great trophies. I love the cape on the Bushbuck (and of course the Kudu).
Trip of a life time with your daughter.

nice trophy's and photo's
Thanks for the details. Nice pics. You're right about the Kudu. Great trophy. You'll remember that trip for a long time. Congrats. Bruce
Some super nice trophies! Great memories!
congrats on a excellent hunt and very nice trophies
congrats on a monster kudu!
Great trophies - I'm drooling again...
Well done and great job on that monster Kudu!
sounds like you and the girl had an awsome trip
great tropies
great revue
and most definately great memories
thanks for sharing
Congrats to you and your daughter on a great hunt and some Awesome trophies.
Thank you for the followup post.
Congratulations to you both, again!
Thanks for the great review! And congratulations on an awesome hunt with your daughter, some truly great animals you got.
Thanks for the report. Deff have some great memories.
Congratulations on your trophys! Well done, I hunted near Steenbokpan, with Fauna Africa in 2010.

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