SOUTH AFRICA: Trip Five Bos en Dal SAFARIS Countdown

Mark Biggerstaff

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Feb 28, 2017
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Nine Days and counting for trip number five with Gerrit and crew @Bos en Dal SAFARIS.
I had no plans for a safari this year after all the medical issues last year. But feeling better than ever now. ( Thanks to all the support from all the AH crew last year).
I am down 69 pounds and feeling great.

This trip came about because I have a customer/ friend that has never been to Africa and wanted to go. So I coordinated this all for him and we will be off on April 10 for 14 day Safari. Flying Qatar Business.

I am taking it easy this trip. Primary is Bushbuck and some culling. Will also hunt a Buff Cow to get my DG fix in. Taking the CZ 458Lott with 500gr Aframes and a Christensen Ridgeline 6.5PRC with 156 Berger Elite Hunters. Will be tagging along on some of friends hunts.

He has a pretty good list including Buff Bull,Sable, Nyala, Kudu and others. Will make for an interesting trip and breaking him in on Africa.

Wheels up in 9 days!!
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Sounds like an awesome safari y’all have planned. Glad your medical issues have improved and you’re able to go back o Africa, I’m sure your buddy will be glad to have an experienced hunter with him with multiple safaris under your belt. Looking forward to the hunt report.
Good luck! Glad you are feeling so much better! Can’t wait to see your report.
Excited to hear about you heading back over. Good luck, shoot straight, and kill something not on your list you need some redemption for last year
Excited to hear about you heading back over. Good luck, shoot straight, and kill something not on your list you need some redemption for last year

I am gonna try and restrain myself this trip
After last years safari, which I blew that budget all to $!!! I best not get carried away this trip.

This trip is mainly for my friend. I am along for the ride.

So I keep telling myself!
That’s awesome Mark! I’m glad your feeling good and hunting Africa with your friend. Sounds like a great trip you and he have planned.
Hi Mark! Nothing brings on a feeling of wellness like an African safari! I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself. Good luck!
Glad you´re back in the hunting fields :D Cheers:
Most Excellent! Can't wait for the hunt report
Mark, good to hear your health is greatly improved. Wishing you and your friend an excellent trip. I'll be looking forward to reading your hunt report. Safe travels!
Bush is going to be thick and green will make for interesting Buff hunt for sure.

Have a great one.

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