SOUTH AFRICA: Scam Alert - Bayete Group!!!

New member here, just found this thread searching for info on Kuche Safaris. Why I was searching? I'm looking at a rifle for sale that comes with a cert for a "free" hunt with Kuche. 5 days 3 animals. How can I tell if it's connected with this scam?

Kuche is not part of the scam, unfortunately they were scammed too by the Bayete Group. As long as you stear clear of St. John and the Bayete group you should be fine... but if you see anything connected with St. John... walk away. Kuche cut the ties with Bayete Group once they were ripped off, and found out that St. John is a liar and a fraud.
From all that I know.... Kuche is a stand up outfit. They operate with several US vendors as their booking agent. I have heard nothing negative or they would be rejected in a New York minute!
"That is why I deal direct with the outfitter and not an agent. " Plus 1.
I also hunted through Bayete Group from an silent auction at a FNRA Banquet. My group must have been among the last to not be ripped off. We hunted in June of 2019. All of our trophies are with our taxidermist, Highveld Taxidermy. After reading on this forum, I contacted Highveld Taxidermy to confirm they have all our trophies, and there will be no problem. I was assured they have them all. In fact, the trophies for two of my friends are ready to be shipped home. The problem we are facing now is related to this "Nonsensical, Covid-19, sky-is-falling" shipping delay. My trophies are still not ready because the taxidermist had to wait on the tannery to complete my ostrich, impala, and buffalo hides, so they can then make my custom bags.

After purchasing the safari from the FNRA, I tried to research Bayete Group. I didn't find much information, but the small amount I found was positive. We had a great hunt. the staff were all friendly, and we all liked our PH's a lot. We did, however, notice some apparent confusion or concern from the camp manager. I don't feel like going into a long explanation, mainly because it was a little over a year ago, and I don't remember details.

After reading about the problems other hunters had with Bayete Group, I consider myself to be lucky. I will NEVER trust an outfitter simply because the FNRA appears to approve of it. I should have known better. I have always been skeptical of other large prizes of a similar nature. From now on, I will never purchase anything from these banquets unless it is a physical item I can take home when the evening is over.

I spent hundreds of hours editing a video of our hunt. I even went to the trouble of including Bayete Group's logo and giving them credit in my video. I want to share it with everyone here, but now I feel I need to re-edit the videos. I want to take their logo out. Otherwise, someone might get the idea I am endorsing them.
Thank you everyone for the input. My question has been answered. Hope my post wasn't seen in anyway to disparage kuche. My concern was that the rifle seller may have bought the certificates from Bayete. Communication from the seller and Kuche themselves determined this was not the case
I have hunted with Kuche and had a great time. You can usually find Koos and his son at DSC if you want to speak in person and feel them out.
New member here, just found this thread searching for info on Kuche Safaris. Why I was searching? I'm looking at a rifle for sale that comes with a cert for a "free" hunt with Kuche. 5 days 3 animals. How can I tell if it's connected with this scam?
JD is legit. The first thing I did before biting on the offer was to contact Koos. He had a good laugh and assured me that it was legit. They are old friends and koos makes his money off of other animals that you will be tempted to shoot. He also knows that if you have a wonderful time you WILL be back lol.
I am doing my first with him next year in August. Go for it!!!
Eliminating the middleman in business is often the best all around policy and probably one that should be seriously considered when scheduling hunts as well... By eliminating the middleman the PH often discounts your hunt for the fee he'd have to pay the booking agent. I've heard of several others that have gone South for the very same reason and not just on donated hunts. If they have any money left perhaps NRA would like to pay for your wonderful Safari!

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