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    South Africa 2017 - once more a fantastic trip with PH Izak Vos and Vos Safaris

    Just wanted to post shortly some impressions about my once more and again fantastic hunting trip to South Africa in 2017.
    Once again, after our tremendous bowhunts in 2016, 2014 and 2013 I was hunting with PH Izak Vos from Vos Safaris in the Limpopo province in South Africa and got magnificient impressions, useful experiences, hide sessions and great stalks.
    Many thanks to the amazing experience of my professional hunter I could harvest some outstanding animals and trophies.
    A magnificient mountain reedbuck and nice common reedbuck as well as 4 springboks - common,white, black & copper - with bow and arrow and additionally with the rifle a "kitchen warthog"
    If someone is interested to hunt with Vos Safaris in South Africa please take a look here:
    or contact him directly by email (

    Mountain Reedbuck.JPG Common Reedbuck.JPG Copper Springbok.JPG White Springbok.JPG Black Springbok.JPG Common Springbok.JPG Warthog with 30-06.JPG
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    Congrats on your hunt and thanks for sharing!

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