SOUTH AFRICA: Pawprint Kalahari Lion & Lioness Hunt

Ridgewalker, you and Toby 458 will be having one heck of a hunt. While you the consummate planner will have everything sorted out ahead of time, Toby will be flipping a quarter a breakfast to see which rifle he'll be using that day. Providing there is a guitar around, maybe you can get Toby to sing a little Country while you are enjoying a sundowner. Will you guys be meeting up in the Atlanta Airport prior to takeoff? I'm looking forward to reading your reports and seeing photos of the Lions you guys take. BTW I didn't see a copy of the African Shot Placement Guide Pocket Version in your gear. How many rounds are you taking for your 375 H&H?
Too funny...Toby flipping a coin to decide which rifle for the day!:LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL:
I’d love to hear Toby sing and play!
Yes sir we will be meeting before the flight in Atlanta.
I always have a copy with me of shot placement. It’s sitting on top of my map of Africa in the first picture.(y)
Rounds: 40 of the Barnes 235 TSX as Pieter and Johan suggested. 20 300 Hornady solids. 20 300 Federal loaded Swift A-frames (just in case a Cape buffalo gets in the way:D!
FYI the 235s are 1.8” high at 100 yds (+-2.5” to 285 yards). 12 clicks up, 6 clicks right and the 300s are “0” at 100 yds. Cheat sheet in my vest as well as on my phone.
Sorry ridgewalker , I missed it. You know that old story about not seeing the forest for the trees. See what I ment about the planning?
I’ve watched Boddington’s lion dvd and Dr Robertson’s dvd The Perfect Shot over and over. Read the lion hunting section of the book The Perfect Shot numerous times. Practiced at the outdoor range at least monthly since last July when I bought the hunt.
Now we will see if this all translates to reality and can I do my part when the pressure is on.

Thanks to all for your encouragement and support! I’ll do my best not to disappoint!
Hope you have a great trip.
Hope you have a great hunt, good to see someone not letting the anti's stop them from hunting.
Best of luck!

I've used a pelican hard case, maybe a bit deeper than yours, on a couple of trips to Africa. Be patient, they do not like to put them on the conveyor belt! Look for it in a separate area away from the carousel. Had this happen on every flight to/within South Africa.

My wife found it one time standing on end with the handle pulled out all by its lonesome 20 yards from the carousel. It could have easily rolled away with someone and we would never have seen it with the chaos in JNB.

During check-in, they also treated it as a "special" handling piece and wouldn't put it on the belt and had a handler take it to the baggage area. The check-in people kept saying the cases are fragile, my a$$, its a pelican!

On one of the returns to Atlanta, after searching the carousel and bulky/big items area to no avail we enlisted the help of one of the employees. The confirmed it had arrived on the computer, we finally found the case in the gun room and it didn't have any guns in it nor was it tagged as such!

I didn't use it the last time as it was a PITA!
PawPrint Safaris had an offer on AH while I was in Africa in 2018. No one seemed interested because either they thought it was a put and take, or because they couldn’t bring anything back to the states from the lions. Well, I have no space for a mounted lion and I just wanted the experience of hunting one. I couldn’t afford one of the big time free range hunts, but didn’t want a put and take hunt. Pieter told me it was a huge high fenced property where the lions lived off the game farm animals. He also indicated it wasn’t just one lion, but a lion, lioness, gemsbok and an impala! It was a walk and stalk hunt with no baiting. All I could think was it was pretty similar to a free range, but that I could actually afford it. I signed up.

Johan emailed me I needed to be ready to walk up to 10 miles a day! In my early 70s this might be a challenge, so I have been walking a lot along with my gym exercising. Still 10 miles a day carrying a 10lb rifle can be tough depending on the terrain.

Very encouraging to me were email messages with Norfolk Shooter of AH. He, along with a couple of his buddies, went on a similar hunt on the same property earlier. His emails were very exciting and encouraging that this was going to be a grand time! Thanks Norfolk Shooter!

Also, Toby458 signed up to go along at the same time. This is assuming he could decide which caliber and rifle he was going to use. Obviously a tough decision since he owns many! Just teasing Toby! I’m just jealous since I only have one pseudo heavy caliber rifle!

Packing time came:

Carry-on 5.11 Rush loaded and ready.
View attachment 294902

Vest ready for traveling.
View attachment 294903

New HF Apache carry-on size hard case to meet OR Tambo’s newest requirements. We will see how it holds up to air travel in the cargo hole.
View attachment 294904

All packed but my rifle. Just once more to the range and leaving it fouled.
View attachment 294905

As always thanks to Jennifer at Travel Express and Henry at RiflePermits.

Delta 200 wheels up Sunday, July 28 and landing at OR Tambo Monday, July 29.

I’ll try to keep this live as internet and personal time/energy are available.

Ridge walker have a good time. Toby will change his mind on which rifle Saturday so don’t be surprised!
Good luck. Looking forward to pictures and the story!
Good Luck, Ridgewalker! Safe travels..................
Man this sounds Awesome! cant wait to see the pics and hear the tale!
safe travels, aim small miss small!
Your carry on looks familiar, great bag.
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Last day I will go to the gym before I get back. Yeah:ROFLMAO::LOL:(n)!
Hope all this helps! It only gets harder every year. Even using less weight! I wonder what causes that?:(

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