SOUTH AFRICA: Pawprint Kalahari Lion & Lioness Hunt


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Aug 8, 2016
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South Africa: Limpopo, Northwest; USA: Ak, Mt, Wy, Co, Ne, Ks, Nv, NM, Tx
PawPrint Safaris had an offer on AH while I was in Africa in 2018. No one seemed interested because either they thought it was a put and take, or because they couldn’t bring anything back to the states from the lions. Well, I have no space for a mounted lion and I just wanted the experience of hunting one. I couldn’t afford one of the big time free range hunts, but didn’t want a put and take hunt. Pieter told me it was a huge high fenced property where the lions lived off the game farm animals. He also indicated it wasn’t just one lion, but a lion, lioness, gemsbok and an impala! It was a walk and stalk hunt with no baiting. All I could think was it was pretty similar to a free range, but that I could actually afford it. I signed up.

Johan emailed me I needed to be ready to walk up to 10 miles a day! In my early 70s this might be a challenge, so I have been walking a lot along with my gym exercising. Still 10 miles a day carrying a 10lb rifle can be tough depending on the terrain.

Very encouraging to me were email messages with Norfolk Shooter of AH. He, along with a couple of his buddies, went on a similar hunt on the same property earlier. His emails were very exciting and encouraging that this was going to be a grand time! Thanks Norfolk Shooter!

Also, Toby458 signed up to go along at the same time. This is assuming he could decide which caliber and rifle he was going to use. Obviously a tough decision since he owns many! Just teasing Toby! I’m just jealous since I only have one pseudo heavy caliber rifle!

Packing time came:

Carry-on 5.11 Rush loaded and ready.

Vest ready for traveling.

New HF Apache carry-on size hard case to meet OR Tambo’s newest requirements. We will see how it holds up to air travel in the cargo hole.

All packed but my rifle. Just once more to the range and leaving it fouled.

As always thanks to Jennifer at Travel Express and Henry at RiflePermits.

Delta 200 wheels up Sunday, July 28 and landing at OR Tambo Monday, July 29.

I’ll try to keep this live as internet and personal time/energy are available.
Good luck my friend! Looking forward to pictures and your report.
Good luck.
I just saw a picture of an 86 year old that walked for his Elephant. (age limited walking of course)
He got a very nice trophy with Wayne VB.

Feel free to show us younger folks what you can do.
Good luck! This should be exciting to follow
Best of luck!!
Oh boy! Look forward to hearing from you on this one!
Looking forward to it!!!
Wish you the best of luck @Ridgewalker, I have been on two lion hunts in SA and they can be quite exciting !
@Ridgewalker going through Joburg airport couple days before you on way back to Zambia... or would have come out to landslide...(predictive clever phones....should be landside... but could end up a landslide... :D)....and got you a beer or two...;)
Good luck and safe travels! Looking forward to the report!!
Lookin forward to reading about your hunt! Good luck, stay safe, shoot straight and keep your powder dry

- Sycamore59
@Ridgewalker going through Joburg airport couple days before you on way back to Zambia... or would have come out to landside...and got you a beer or two...;)
That would have been quite enjoyable meeting! Hopefully next time!
@Ridgewalker, I will be one of your biggest cheerleaders. Just be sure you take tons of pics after each animal is down, in each possible position/pose! Good Luck! Tell Pieter hi and I hope to see him next year!!!
Good luck Ridgewalker. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. I look forward to your recounting the hunt to us envious ones here on AH.
Shoot straight and be safe.
Ridgewalker, you and Toby 458 will be having one heck of a hunt. While you the consummate planner will have everything sorted out ahead of time, Toby will be flipping a quarter a breakfast to see which rifle he'll be using that day. Providing there is a guitar around, maybe you can get Toby to sing a little Country while you are enjoying a sundowner. Will you guys be meeting up in the Atlanta Airport prior to takeoff? I'm looking forward to reading your reports and seeing photos of the Lions you guys take. BTW I didn't see a copy of the African Shot Placement Guide Pocket Version in your gear. How many rounds are you taking for your 375 H&H?

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