SOUTH AFRICA: Outstanding Hunt with Spiral Horn Safaris


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Dec 6, 2011
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Wow what to say, words cannot describe what a great hunt I had with Louis Van Bergen and all the great staff of Spiral Horns Safaris. I try and report on each hunt but I wanted to thank Louis and post some pics of the great throphies we took.

In 14 days I took Lion, Kudu, Gemsbuck, Impala, Waterbuck, Nyala, Sable, Blue Wildbeest & Zebra. My partners in crime also took 2 lions, 2 Cape Buffalo, Roan, Giraffe, 2 Waterbucks, 2 Nyala, Elan, Gemsbuck, Kudu too add to the totals.

Also I wanted to thank Africa Hunting for hooking me up with Louis and thanks to everyone that helped me plan this hunt in such a short time, it was my first but not my last/ Louis is already working on the Elephant hunt for me & my gang.

DSC_0093.jpg DSC_0151.jpg DSC_0216.jpg DSC_0220.jpg DSC_0321.jpg DSC_0329.jpg DSC_0364.jpg DSC_0365.jpg DSC_0377.jpg DSC_0441.jpg DSC_0528.jpg DSC_0536.jpg
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congratulation on a successful hunt, and what great trophies!

Fantastic trophies! Congratulations on a memorable hunt. Looking forward to the stories that go along with the pic's. .....Settling up on that bill had to be a little "painful" though!! :)
WOW! Thanks for the pictures, I expected nothing less from Louis. He is awesome! When you look a each picture, you can say that is happy hunter, it's a mature animal and it's huge!
Looks like you had a great time. Some good looking trophies. Congrats Bruce
Congratulations! And thanks for posting your hunt report and trophy pictures.
Congratulations for those great trophies, and thanks for the pictures !
I want the tales and more pictures when you recover.
Thanks for the start.
Lots of character in those trophies.
Great job done by all.That must have been like being in heaven getting to hunt all those trophys.Thanks for sharing
Congrats with lots of great trophies! :)
Congrats biggun, fantastic animals "all of them'. Lots of shooting. Guess the 375 was a good call.
Wow. Congrats on amazing trophies and obvious a fantastic trip!
Wow! You guys leave anything for the next crowd!??! LOL!! Good stuff!! Congrats!!
Thanks for all the kind words and 35 bore you were dead on, couple them boys are tough and needed the boomer. But the 280 and barnes played havoc with the Plains

Louis can sure get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great Safari you and your partner had.

Did you leave any lion's..

Great pictures, very nice Lion...
Bigun those are some Awesome trophies Louis and his staff did right by you and your partner. Congrats again. Oh btw you forgot to take a Warthog now you have to go back.
Thanks to all for the kind words it is appreciated!

Huntingbigun thank you for your loyalty and support it was an honor to share in this hunt with you my friend.

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Congratulations on all our your trophies. Those are some wonderful animals too guys took!
Your going to have a hard time getting rid of that smile, its going to last s lifetime.
Great hunt! Let's hear some more details.

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