SOUTH AFRICA: My First Hunting Experience In South Africa At MORETLA SAFARIS

Miloš Kadlec

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Jul 10, 2018
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Just few days ago I came back from my first Safari hunting experience in SA. I spent wonderfull and exiting week at @MORETLA SAFARIS. New comfortable accommodation, traditional cuisine and friendly atmosphere created strong and unforgettable memories. We did really hard, walked and stalked only, within few days nearly 40 km in bush, that's what I am proud of. Not everybody can do the same, but therefore are at Moretla prepared to help you. We've also got nice trophys... everything has been taken with 30-06, 180 grain bullet. My first SA hunt has been Red Hartebeest, facing mě for more then 110 m, then Sable, again facing me for 80 m, SCI golden Impala, seen from 300m and taken from 120 m again straight from front to the chest and as a last one Gemsbock. The only one with side shot.
Thanks to my new friends Japie Swart and PH Tyron and Annemarie Schoeman.

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Glad you enjoyed it and that all your expectations were met it was a pleasure having you and looking forward to next year.
Congrats, very nice animals !
Excellent! I especially like the impala! They just say Africa! The old 30-06 is still my favorite cartridge. With good 180gr bullets, it’s just hard to beat.
Congratulations to you and Moretla Safaris for a hunt well done!
Congrats and thanks for sharing with us!
Welcome, and congratulations!
Nice Congrats!
Thanks for the hunting report! Congrats!
Milos...........thanks for the report. Nice to hear good things about an AH look very pleased. That impala is a great one! It is one of the few plains game trophies on my wish list................not just another impala........but a toad like the one you got................well done to both you and Moretla....................FWB
Great Impala. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for your report. How did you begin Hunting? My father took me from an early age. I am always interested in Hunting culture in different parts of the world. Congratulations on wonderful trophies and a great hunt.
Awesome animals! Congratulations!

:D Cheers:
Thanks for your report. How did you begin Hunting? My father took me from an early age. I am always interested in Hunting culture in different parts of the world. Congratulations on wonderful trophies and a great hunt.

As a young boy in southern Saskatchewan, my first rifle was a break barrel 177cal. Dad tought me how to shoot it about 6-7yrs old. Gophers were the main targets. Winters were for pigeons in the barn loft. A bit older I was able to shoot the 22cal. Dad took me to the g
Great Sand Hills on a mule deer and prairie chicken hunt 9yrs old. No deer but I came home with 3 chicken trophies. We moved to Alberta when I was 10 and all hell broke loose. If I wasn't sleeping, eating or at school, I was shooting anything that moved. Squirrels, birds, rabbits, muskrats and beaver where in the Cross hairs.
Spent a good portion of my teen years being my dad and uncle's bird dog come fall deer and moose season. 14 years old I had enough of watching a big buck come into our granaries just after dark, as I could see him from my upstairs bedroom window. Cold and snowing November day with a 20 mile wind, I kinda knew where he and his does might be at in our back bush across the 80 acre field. I geared up and grabbed my knife and the 22 dad let me shoot all the time. Slid on my White long johns and a white sweater over my cloths and away I went.
To make a long story Short, I found him. He had kicked his does out of bed and I saw them run off, but not him. He stayed still in his bed with head tucked down in the snow looking at me with one eye. Bad mistake on his part, because I could shoot the eyeball out of a deer at 40 yards in the bush. So I did and he stood up....oh crap, oh crap... Ran around a big spruce tree and shot him behind the ear. Dropped to his bed almost like he had never got up. Gutted him out and headed back to the house.
To be a fly on the wall at the house as mom and dad watched me plod through the field with 16 inches of snow and well, solid red now. Woohoo!! Out with the white in with the red. The tractor was all ready started and as I got to the house and came inside all I heard was. " I guess I have to use my tag." Mom told me to get dry cloths on an away we went. Dad knew something was up because the corner's of my mouth were stretched to my ears. Didn't care how cold it was, I got HIM and he will taste good.
149 and 3/8 one of my most prized possession hanging on my wall.
Bought a 6.5x55 swede in the spring with bottle money and allowances and any other money I could scrounge up at 14.

Hooked on hunting since then. That's why I am here today. Looking to stretch out and hunt the African game for my first time.
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Fantastic! You my friend are a good writer. Thank you so much for the response. I was right there with you! I can't wait for another report. My Dad also took my brothers and I along on Hunting ,fishing and trapping outings. Whatever was in season. Thanks again.
I forgot to say Congratulations on an amazing deer. I have never shot one as good!
Thanks. Sure glad there is spell check. lol
Hi Timber69,

Always nice to hear from members where it all started.

Get in touch and lets make your Africa dream come true !

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