SOUTH AFRICA: My First African Hunt with Spiral Horn Safaris

Discussion in 'Hunting Reports Africa' started by GaryO, May 29, 2011.

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    My daughter finally weighed in. Here is her 2 cents worth:

    "My name is Lisa, and I'm Gary's youngest daughter. I heard that you were looking for a little insight in regards to Spiral Horn Safaris, and I thought I would weigh in a little.

    I cannot emphasis enough the wonderful experience I had at Spiral Horn with my dad, sister, and brother-in-law. From the moment we arrived (dead beat tired, of course), Louis made sure we were as comfortable as possible. He picked us up from the airport and navigated us through the unfamiliar terrain to the ranch. The entire staff greeted us there - even though it was past midnight - and they had refreshments and snacks laid out by the fire for us. For the duration of the trip, I didn't prepare one single drink, snack, or meal myself. My private chalet was cleaned from top to bottom daily and even my laundry was washed and delivered back my room every day. We all started joking by midweek that it was a very, very easy lifestyle to get used to.

    The camp itself was beautiful and had the perfect blend of creature comforts and natural surroundings. Other than my chalet - which was awesome - all other living at the ranch was done outdoors. We ate at a table outside under a thatched roof, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. We had mid-afternoon snacks and beverages outside, lounging in the shade. We socialized and talked about the hunt every evening around the campfire. It just seemed perfectly natural to be outside and around the natural environment as much as possible in South Africa. Of course, you already know how beautiful it is there!

    I loved hunting with Louis and my dad. It was truly amazing to see all the beautiful animals and I took more than my fair share of photographs. It was a blast to track animals with them Louis knows exactly what he is doing. It seemed he has a sixth sense of where the game would be or where to go to find them. One of the most impressive things about Louis though, is he was extremely aware of the quality of each animal we encountered. He had the upmost respect for each animal, allowing it only to be taken if it was ready when it was at the peak of its quality. Louis is just as concerned as the hunter with each trophy - there were many times that my dad had a chance at an animal that Louis determined was not good enough yet. And it was well worth the wait! All the animals my dad took were of the highest quality and I知 almost certain that all of them were record contenders.

    Working with Louis at Spiral Horn is the best avenue and I would highly recommend it, especially since you are planning your own trip. He is more than happy to answer any questions you may have and his friendly and knowledgeable disposition will reassure you that you are in the best hands around. "

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