SOUTH AFRICA: Long Time Since Hunt But Flame On

Discussion in 'Hunting Reports Africa' started by Karamojo Bill, Nov 17, 2009.

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    I went to SCS in South Africa.

    My plan was to hunt blesbok, gemsbok, impala, lioness,baboon, & jackal.

    I HAD THE BEST TEN DAYS OF MY LIFE. I was crying the last day because I had to leave the best friends I have ever made.

    I shot an impala on the first day after sighting in my .338 WM & .416 Rigby.

    The second day I had to hunt my lioness. Call it a "canned hunt" if you want I was damned near crapped my pants & DID puke after ward. My PH I & Johan Dupreeze, worked our butts off trying to find this bitch that had been released for 6 months. We tracked her all afternoon and finally caught up with her and I made a perfect shot and she died in 10 feet of the shot with my .338 WM with hot loaded Nosler Particaians. I had been charged by her sisiter the day before!

    The next day I went out and shot at a blesbok but missed as I had bumped my scope getting out of the toyota for pictures.

    I also hit a gemsbok that day then went to the range the find out my rifle was 3" high & 4" left of the Point of aim.

    I spent several days hunting kudu and finally found this old boy.

    We spend several more day hunting the "stupid " blesbok and passing on smaller kudu, red hartebeast, and other animals.

    I finally got this old broomed-off blesbok.


    I spend several more days hunting warthog and my wife taking pictures but it was the BEST 10 days of my LIFE.

    I can hardly wait to ge back with my "family" @ SCS and see Leeoux the lion dog, "G", his owner, Abie Stein, Paul, Daan, Kobus, Yakobus, and have them call me the crazy Pielkop again!

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    ...Nice trophies!! That's exactly the way I felt the last day of my first safari! I had already started planning the 2nd safari the last night at the campfire! As they say Africa is addictive!!

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