South Africa Hunting

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    What we are offering is an All-Inclusive 3 animal/4 day hunt Package for $2100

    This Package includes a Wildebeest or Red Hartebeest, Impala or Blesbok, & a warthog or baboon

    We travel with a film crew so there is incentive for the concessions to lower their prices that we can then pass on. We will be departing on August 19 and have limited slots available. Hunting will begin on the 20th. The crew will be staying until September 2 but the duration of your stay is up to you.

    There are no daily fees, lodge fees, or additional trophy fees unless additional trophies or longer stay is added

    This is at least a $500 discount when compared to most outfitter's daily rates and/or trophy prices plus television opportunity

    Airfare and Taxidermy/Trophy Shipping is not included however we will assist with any facet of planning & travel arrangements

    Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

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