South Africa Hunting Information by Province

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    South Africa Hunting Information by Province

    Some valuable information regarding the hunting rules and regulations for the nine South African provinces, you should note however that this information is really more geared towards the resident hunter. Click on the links to download any of the pdf files.

    South Africa Provincial Hunting Proclamations
    KwaZulu-Natal Hunting Proclamations (KZN)
    Mpumalanga Hunting Proclamations (MPA)
    North West Hunting Proclamations (NW)
    Eastern Cape Hunting Proclamations (EC)
    Western Cape Hunting Proclamations (CNC)
    Limpopo Hunting Proclamations (LP)
    Gauteng Hunting Proclamations (GP)
    Northern Cape Hunting Proclamations 1 (NC)
    Northern Cape Hunting Proclamations 2 (NC)
    Free State Hunting Proclamations (FS)

    South Africa Protected Species List
    National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, 2004 (Act 10 of 2004): Publication Of Lists Of Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable And Protected Species.
    South Africa Protected Species List

    Click on image to enlarge map to see details.
    Antique hand colored map of Southern Africa by Jan Jansson, Amsterdam in 1636 called Aethiopia Inferior vel Exterior...

    South Africa Hunting Licenses Information (including some info for Namibia)
    Every South African hunter should ensure that he/she acts according to the hunting regulations as specified by each province. Due to the fact that there are big differences in the regulations of the nine South African provinces, it is important for every hunter to familiarize him/her with these regulations before going on a hunting trip. For this reason, the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA) decided to investigate the present situation and after numerous phone calls to nature conservation agencies, game farmers, hunters and hunting associations, managed to gather the following information. Please note that this information only applies to ordinary game for meat/biltong hunting.
    Hunting Licenses Information
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    This is some good information! Very helpful! I for one am going to print this information. And copy and post it my hunting file!

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