SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Limpopo Big Game Safaris

After a underwear change :LOL:..... it was time to head back to the lodge. Swim, eat, beer & fire..... and a good night sleep!
That is a gorgeous buffalo!!! For my taste, that is the perfect example of one. If I ever hunt buffalo I hope I get one that looks just like that! Dandy pair of baboons you got there too...big boys!!!
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Wednesday..... back to the mountains. Ugh. I'm in shape, but not Africa sand & mountains shape carrying a 110 year old mauser 7x57, with scope & suppressor. Damn, I was getting tired. Nevertheless, up/down/up/down..... looking for Klipspringer. Man are they elusive. No luck.... on to the night for night critters. Bossie truly has a craft for this. Asides from all the gear & know how..... he can call in stuff with a squeak of his mouth..... dang near right up to the truck. BTW, he does not hunt/shoot from the truck. And he does not allow it from any of his concessions he manages/controls. Knocked down Small Spotted Genet.
Thursday, yep.... you guessed it. Back into the mountains. This time over 7000 feet. This particular place is a place where @ActionBob hunted his Klipspringer. We called & moved, called & moved..... We were just about ready to give up hope.... it was getting late. he said let's go to this one last place. He had never had success calling there.... but he was like what the hell. We went up this far. We get into a postion for a calling session. Within 30 seconds. 2 charged from the brush & rocks. From 82 meters..... he said the one on the right. Boom! Done. Wow.... now that truly was a mountaintop experience!
Friday comes..... Weather had moved in. We thought we might be able to out run it & head SW for some night hunting. My buddy & taxidermist @gizmo wanted a jackal & duiker for the shop. So we have been on the hunt for him. The storm really impacted us..... rain, high winds & even hail in some areas. As weather permitted, we pressed on. The night produced a Bat Eared Fox. Bossie called in from probably 500 yards..... came in on a string!
Saturday, still looking for jackal & duiker..... weather still threatening. We headed up Far North, to visit another concession that morning. More recon than actual hunting, to make a plan for the night. As evening approached, we decided to head down south. Where we took the Hartebeest. This is a great friend of Bossie's. He said shoot anything with sharp teeth. As predators have reeked havoc on his livestock & plainsgame. Rain started in again..... we drive with spotlight, call..... not much at all. Don't know what it was, but nothing was up or active. Oh, except for 2 aardvarks. Bossie told DJ to man the spotlight, as he jumped out of the truck to chase it down. The aardvark got away.... but I got it all on video. I told you this was a rodeo! As we were heading down the long road out of the ranch. Bossie said let's give it one more go here. So, we hit the call..... heard some calling back, so we gave it a little more. With his thermal.... he could see something on the trail. He said, when I hit the red light you take him. Assuming it was a jackal, since that is what we were calling & was calling back. Hits red light, eyes light up, boom.... full frontal chest shot. Dropped! We called a few more minutes thinking something else might come in. Nothing.... so we decided to go collect the jackal. :whistle:
Wow congrats on the hunt! Some nice trophies bud!
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Some great scenery pics also!!! Congrats on the buff(y)
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As we approach, I hear Bossie, DJ & Bethul going crazy about what we have!!!! No jackal at all.... A monster Brown Hyena! These guys are massive. Check out his head & paws. Bossie called his buddy. He & his wife immediately drove down to us! They were ecstatic, jumping for joy. So thankful he was taken out. As he was devastating their livelihood.
Sunday comes, my last hunting day..... head out to another concession we had hunted for night critters. Give it one final go. We were all exhausted. It had been a long trip. Didn't want to make it to late of a night, as I had to head out to Jo'berg on Monday. Did some more Sand Grouse hunting. Then after a lot of quietness..... we decided to head back, then the night started to come alive.... Genet, Spring Hares, Porcupines, etc. Lot of fun.... fun way to end it!
Monday is here.... I bid my farewells to the staff, Bethul (driver/tracker), Simon (skinner), etc..... They were all amazing. It was bittersweet departing. I had a great experience, but I had been gone a longtime. I missed my family. I am grateful to them & my staff to allow me this opportunity. So, in the end. I can highly recommend Bossie & Limpopo Big Game Safaris. If night hunting is on your mind. He's the man. DG or PG he has some incredible areas. Also, one thing to mention.... up in Limpopo, he is treated like the governor. All the natives & locals love him. he treats them with great respect & people really love him. I hope you enjoy the thread....

Take care!

Awesome Brad.... Happy to see you enjoyed Bossie! He's a great guy.

The passing of Henriette was truly a sad event and I feel for DJ in particular. He was extremely close to his mother, as well as Bossie.
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Congrats on great hunt!! Do you have to have special permits for bat eared fox?
Awesome hunt ! My sympathies to Bossie. Has to be a difficult time for him. Am planning on hunting with him in 2020. Beautiful buffalo.
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Congrats on great hunt!! Do you have to have special permits for bat eared fox?

Yes, the fact that this it Bossie's specialty he arranges & aligns all the permits. It is a task, but one he deals with daily practically. How many, for what, when & where......
Awesome hunt ! My sympathies to Bossie. Has to be a difficult time for him. Am planning on hunting with him in 2020. Beautiful buffalo.
Thank you! You will have a great time I am sure!

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