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Feb 20, 2011
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Here is the Review of Cruiser Safaris upon Return:
This hunt happened in September of 2012.
I was picked up at the Afton Guest house after spending the night from my flight. The Representative from Cruiser was one of the PH's and was very nice and friendly. We stopped at a farmers market on the way in Hartebeestport and I couldn't believe how much produce we got for 100 dollars (enough to fill the back of the van). We were finally in camp after about 4 hours drive and were given fresh squeezed orange juice and shown our rooms. There were only 4 hunters in camp and one wife. I elected to hunt for half of a day and got a burchell's zebra. Over the next 10 days I hunted very hard. We stalked and stalked and spotted and spotted. What impressed me most was the excellent tracking skills of my PH who could differentiate superior tracks from the so so animal. Out of the 12 animals I claimed on this hunt, I had 5 that were tracking candidates do to either poor bullet placement or just African toughness. Most of my shots this trip were presented at a frontal quartering angle and I surely will be changing to Barnes bullets in upcoming trips. The PH's will also work they e hardest to get you the best animal. They will not let you take just an animal.
The properties we hunted were numerous and the outfitter Pieter made sure that we got to experience much of the terrain of Limpopo. I really liked the hill country or mountain properties. Much thorn and rock was to be found on all of the properties. We did wait at a few waterholes but never took an animal at any of these.
The food was very good and we could eat until you looked like a fat hog. Each night when we returned, there was cold beer or most kinds of liquors available. I just drank beer.
The lodge was very nicely decorated, warm , and comfortable(lots of hot water). The rooms were always clean with laundry being done daily and clothes pressed. The beds were equipped with mosquito nets which did well as mosquitoes were just starting to make an appearance. The land cruisers were very good even though we had a habit of getting a few flats on this trip. (I wonder how foam filled tires would work in that area?)
All in all this was an excellent trip with many good animals to view, many good properties to hunt, superb PH's that could out hunt probably any North American guide, and wonderful accommodations. After 10 days of being there, I would highly recommend using this outfitter.

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Congrats on a great safari, cruisers does it again, makes me excited for my trip next year. How was the weather during your trip?
Thanks for posting your hunt report and trophy pictures.
Congrats on a great hunt and nice trophies.

Thanks for sharing.
We had rain on the first day, but not too much. One hunter had hail. Most of the days were clear to partly cloudy with low's in the 40's F to highs in the 80's F and of course wind was strong on a few days.
Very nice animals, conratulations. What type of bullet were you using that you're unhappy with?
Thanks for the report & photos.
Congratulations and thanks for sharing your hunt on AH.

Looking at the pictures I wonder if the Kudu had to be tracked a ways?
I would also like to know what bullets you thought were under performing.
Wonderful hunt with great trophies to show for it.

Congratulations on a fantastic Safari, and thank you for sharing with us.
I used Hornady SST 180 grain in a 300 Win. Mag. I only got full penetration on impala size and down. My first safari in Namibia I used Rem core lockt in 180 300 win Mag. I did much better with these. They also shoot better out of my gun. On this trip I did more shots through brush and almost all presentations were quartering frontal. The kudu did need some tracking for it was about a second or two quick shot through about a 6-12 inch gap between a thorn bush. All's I can say is the PH can track like nobody I have seen.
Well done again! Really great animals again. Two trips in two years! Thats awesome
Great pics/trophies, congrates:cool:
Johan the younger was my PH.
Thanks for the hunt report and pictures.
Cruiser Safari, I hear nothing but good comments.
You took some really outstanding animals! That blue wildebeest is really nice!
Congrats on a great hunt and some really great trophies. I wish You would have ask about the SST befor you went on your hunt I would have warned you there great for smaller animals Impala/ Blesbok size they'll still get the job done on bigger animals but you may have to track them for a while, try Hornady GMX, Nosler Etip or Barnes X they all do a much better job. the one thing I found that I didn't like about the SST is after penatrating the skin they act like a frag grenade what was your experience with them?
Exactly the same results with that bullet. On the eland, I did a finishing shot from 10 yards, and it did not penetrate. We found them in the intercostal muscle between the ribs. The next time I go, I will be trying Barnes X and I would like to try them in 338 win mag or 375 on eland. Not because I feel a 300 mag class is inadequate, I just want to see performance in bigger calibers and premium ammo.
You'll be real happy with the Barnes X thats what I reloaded for the wifes 3006 in a 180gr at over 300 yards on both a Zebra and a Red Hartebeest through both shoulders found aginst the skin on the other side with 100% bullet remaining and perfect pedals the PH had to show them to everyone very inpressed.
Congratulations! I hunted with Cruiser Safaris 20-31 Jul of this year, and my wife and I had a great experience. My PH was John (Juan); Johan is one knowledgeable and great individual! We are planning on going back in 2014-15. Thanks for sharing!
Did you leave any animals for anyone else? :) Very nice trophies. That BW is a bruiser.

I shot 180 grain Barnes TTSX out of my .06 and got pass through on every animal I shot. Most fell over and died right there. My Kudu, Wildebeest and two impala fell on their noses. The only animal that ran any distance was the Gemsbok and that was after a double lung shot. After what I saw, I will shoot no other bullet.

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