SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Boschnel Safaris?

Michael Abbott

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Feb 20, 2020
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I'm planning a hunt with boschnel safaris in April of 2021. I wanted to see what to expect this is the first trip to Africa.
First of all I'll start by welcoming you to AH. Its the best web site for african hunters annd hunting. I have not hunted with Boschnel nor do I recall hearing of them. It appears that they hunt or arrange for hunts in a number of different countries. If I may ask, have you already booked your hunt with them? If so, what country are you booked to hunt in? What I can tell you is that they have a decent web site. It appears that most of the animals shown there are decent trophy quality. They claim to hunt 200,000 acres across africa. Might make sure which concession your hunting and travel time from camp.
I also got a hit for them on book your hunt. It shows several packages. All were good prices. If they do what they say they will then it would seem to be worth the dollars. Good luck. Hopefully someone here has hunted with them and will tell us about their experiences.
Hey Michael, I'm going to hunt with Boschnel in July and am curious how your hunt went in 21. I'm taking my family on their first safari for plains game. My second.

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Enjoyed reading your post again. Believe this is the 3rd time. I am scheduled to hunt w/ Legadema in Sep. Really looking forward to it.
check out our Buff hunt deal!
Because of some clients having to move their dates I have 2 prime time slots open if anyone is interested to do a hunt
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