SOUTH AFRICA: Hartzview Lion Hunt


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Apr 14, 2013
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Well I finally have time to post about my late season hunt with Jacques at Hartzview.
the travel, arranged with Lori at Travel Express was arranged perfectly, except S.A. express from Joberg to Kimberley was delayed 4 hrs due to mechanical issues. The residents tell me it is rare that it goes on time. Rob, the P.H. from Hartzview was patient enough to wait and we arrived in camp in time to sight in my .375. We were ready for a day or two of plains game hunting. The next morning Rob and Johanness, the tracker , and Tyson, the tracking terrier, set out for game. I told them my priority was Gemsbok and black wildebeest, and we found ourselves in a herd of Gemsbok within two hours. He got me on sticks and we waited until a mature one presented a broadside shot at about 90 yds. I got off a shot, heard a solid crack, and expected to see my gemsbok fall. It ran off, and we found out later it was unhurt. After another miss on a black wildebeest I figured out I was jerking the trigger with a case of the yips. Great, I'm about to go hunt a big fast cat and I am less than confident in my shooting. The professional side of Rob was evident as he got me back to the range and after about 4 shots I was back on track. The next day we transferred to the lion camp at Tinashe.
The new facility there will be fantastic in a couple of weeks, but was not ready for us to spend the night yet, so Jacques got us into his friends place just a couple of miles away. And as usual in Africa, the power went out just about sunset as we were preparing supper. And as usual, we "made a plan" and continued cooking on the fire, when it began to rain. I commented about my hunting luck and the rain and Jacques said if it would rain whenever I was hunting, I was welcome in the Kalahari anytime, as it only rains there about 5 or 6 times a year. This rain would really help tracking, and the full moon would keep the lion active all night.
The next morning we were on fresh tracks by 7 am, and my first sighting of a lion was about 10. Several times the tracks looped back on us, as thd lion began hunting what was following him. I can remember looking at a shape under a tree that I thought was a bush at about 40 yds, when the bush turned his head. I had been looking at the back of a very full mane lion. After he decided to exit the opposite directon, I remembered the movie Jaws when the chief said, "we're gonna need a bigger boat!!!". We stopped to take pictures of the track the lion made when leaving. Jacques and the trackers decided to leave him because of the heat, and we went back to camp for a short break. After we ate, rested and it cooled slightly, we went back and cut tracks again. He had traveled at least a mile, but the fresh wet sand made tracking efficient. he was looping back again and checking his back. about 4 the lead tracker froze, and my rifle instinctly went to my shoulder. The sticks appeared in front of me, and this time no mistaking the fur under the tree. After a few tense moments, Jacques told me the the lion was about to decide what he was going to do, fight or run. About that time I could see him baring his teeth several times, and there was no mistaking his intentions. As soon as he stood, I put a 260 grn nosler behind his shoulder, he lept forward, spun once and expired. A soon as the intensity of he moment died down, we went and made sure he was done. I am still amazed as to the size, claws, and strength of a massive predator.

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Thanks, more to come.
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Congratulations on the very nice cat!
Congrats on a beautiful cat! The rain turned out to be a blessing instead of bad luck(y)
What a great lion sir!
Congrats on the lion and thanks for taking the time to write it up.
Congrats again Kevin!
The next couple of days were spent back at Hartzview game farm looking over the available animals, as I prefer to shoot older animals. The first day I was able to take a gemsbok with a frontal shot, and a black wildebeest. The bullets recovered were barnes tsx from the wildebeest, gemsbok, and hartebeest. Absolutely enjoyed the facilities from Andreas' cooking, to Frankie's tracking, and another shoutout to Gilbert and Queen at Africa Sky guesthouse for my arrival night accommodations.
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Glad you were able to take advantage of the late season offer. That cat is a beauty. Other animals are great too.

Sweet Christmas present! (y)
Good job, very nice lion. Thanks for your detailed story!(y)
Very nice cat. Congrats.
Truly a great lion, magnificent animal.....congrats for your hunt....!!!!

Congrats! Sounds like a wonderful trip was had!
Good story and all the other animals look great as well. Congrats!
bueatiful lion Kman, congratulations.
your antelope are great spiecemans ,too mate.
that tsx on the right crunched into some bone.
thanks for sharing the memories with us ,all.
great adventure
Thanks for all the kind words and support. It was a great trip with a good bunch of people who have a passion for what they do. Jacques especially knows his cat behavior.
Congrats on getting your lion! Those are some nice plains game animals too.

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