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Feb 10, 2011
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Well myself and son had the time of ours lives with jacques and his staff at HartzView Hunting Safaris.Even though we won this hunt as a prize we were treated like clients who were paying full price to be there.You feel like a king from pick up to finishing up your hunt.Now as for the hunting all I can say is amazing.From monster to kudu to great springbuk and everything in between.You will work for your trophys but have many chances if your shooting goes bad like ours did at the start.I wanted my son to get a kudu first but i think the pressure may have been to much as he missed a gaint kudu in the bush that was easy 57 to 58 inches and wide.All jacque said is we will get the next one and kept my son going and not getting disappointed after the miss.He taught my son alot as we hunted and did all he could to make it fun also.We seen atleast 10 trophy class kudu in the first 2 days of hunting and countless other animals.The trophy quality is unbeleive on this ranch for all animals.The best part is the quality will be good for a long time as you see animals of all ages male and female during your hunt.The ranch is managed right and I only think getting better.What we did take by the end of the hunt was 2 kudu bulls 2 impala 1 zebra,1 waterbuck,1 blesbuck,1 springbuk and all bigger then we ever thought.The pics are on the hartzview site and I will see if jacque can add some more pics on this post.My kudu is right around 55" and my waterbuck was at 31" and just huge.My sons kudu is around 52" and very thick.I also missed a blue wildbeast that was between 30 and 31 inches that I still think of as it was just huge.By the end of the hunt I would say in 6 days of hunting we seen more then 20 kudu over 50" trophy eland,nyala,waterbuck,blue wildbeast,springbuck,impala,sable and every other animal offered by hartzview.Seen atleast 12 different rhino and finished with seeing a 38" or bigger cape buffalo also.After 6 1/2 days of hunting we still did not hunt the whole ranch it is that big.Then we have maybe one of the best parts of jacques staff bullet the wonder dog.Bullet is amazing and will have your animal found by the time your reload your gun it seems.If you need a second shot to harvest an animal he will have him waiting for you when you get there.As most would guess bullet and my son had a blast throwing sticks and rocks after a job well done by bullet also.Then we have a lodge that is beautiful and has everything to make your stay perfect.The food was great and all you wanted.My son thought he was a king each night we had dinner.When they seen my son was not big on there desserts they ran out and got him chocalte ice cream to enjoy.All i can say to finish is if you want a hunt of a life time get ahold of jacque and make some plans.Anyone whats more info please feel free to contact me.Thanks again jacques and hartzview and hope to see you in feb and hunt with you again in about 2 years hope sooner but we will be back for sure.Please check out the pics on hartzviews site to. thanks Billc
Congratulations to you and your son, the pictures looked really good. Glad you had a good time!
sounds like you had a great time...

I am sure that your son will remember this the rest of his life...
Congratulations Billc Glad you and your Son had a great time.
Thanks for the hunt report billc, glad to hear that the both of you had a great time hunting with Jacques at HartzView Hunting Safaris. Please share some of your trophy pictures on AH as well.
Hey Billc,

Thank you for the report. I truly enjoyed hunting with you and Dakota. We all at Hartzview are looking forward on having you back in a few years. Once I have some time I will add some pictures to this post.

Best regards,

Congratulations Bill.
Good Trophies and hard work.
Thanks again Jacques for providing the prize for the contest!

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