SOUTH AFRICA: First Africa Hunt Experience Big Water Safaris


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Feb 8, 2023
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I did it, after 2 previous attempts I was able to pull this off, so here is my experience, have been wanting to do a hunt in Africa since 2013.
I jump on the chance and put it together in 1 1/2 months, and it went smooth, except that airplane ride stretched my patience abit, on delta econ. atl to jnb.
I chose Big Water Safaris, Free State, about 2 hrs south of Bloemfontein. for a management hunt, as I wanted to Gain some knowledge before any large commitments to the credit card.. In 5 1/2 days I took 9 animals, 1 trophy water buck included, a wart hog, a blue and black wildebeest, a blesbok, an impala, springbok, kudu, and a baboon. my distances were ,{ in order of animals listed} water b. 250yds., wart h. 50 y. blue 300 y. black 420 y., blesbok 420. impala 370, springbok, 470 y, kudu 388, baboon 610 YARDS.
The Baboon was probably the hardest hunt and after hunting several animals my PH had confidence to let me attempt a long shot, long for me anyway, and he set up dialed in the correct MOA on the 6.5 Creedmoor and I took the shot as he sat facing right urging his buddies to hurry up. a solid hit about 4 inches under his arm exited above his left hip. amazingly to me he ran about 600 more yards before giving up and falling off a rock. ( see pic) . THE second hardest was the KUDU, we spotted him from a hill side about 3/4 miles, left the road side and hiked down where he was seen , he was gone spotted him again across the valley about a mile away with the help of the assistant driver back at the truck we got to him and started to set up a 400 yd shot and he was gone again, we lost him again and spotted him about -1/2 mile away to our left going we lost him but PH saw him rather 2 going up the hillside to our left, , PAUSE, FORGOT TO MENTION we ran smack into a kudu as we crossed a 2 track about 50 yards away when we were heading to him 1/2 mile away, he was gone in a flash, getting a little into evening light we watched 1 kudu go over the saddle and set up on one closer to the bottom of the saddle at 388 yds, a slow squeeze on the 6.5 and he toppled over. 1 shot, and I'm happy to say all my kills were 1 shot with the amazing 6.5 Creedmoor except the little springing springbok which I gave an insurance policy to after he laid down, my first shot entered left shoulder, exited between his rear legs by the scrotum.
The water buck was taken with the 375 h+h mainly because I wanted to use it. hit him square in left shoulder qrtr to me 250 yd.
All the animals were taken by spot and stock USUALLY OVER VERY ROUGH RUGGED GROUND, EXCECPT THE SPRINGBOK, IMPALA and WILDEBEEST. which were flat valley stalks. no drive stop and shoot on this hunt. my guess was 4 t0 6 miles a day walking. Surprised myself, I did it well. as I live 2000 ft. higher.
There was a tremendous amount of Game on this 80,000-acre ranch, a series of old sheep ranches, all together in one large block. The large orange river borders on the east {I BELIEVE} SIDE, they are all messed up in S.A. with the sun rising in the west setting in the east... LOL''I never did get my bearing straight while there.
Would I do it again, you bet. Satisfied you bet, game encountered everything they have, except nyala and I may have seen one by the river, these are elusive.
This is a high fenced Ranch with an occasionally old ranch house if that is a concern. they have some tigers in small acre to 5 pens.
will post pics if i can download to computer. Feel free to ask questions.
I have a problem with whats app files to download to computer, no go, for now

africa big water.jpg
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Excellent, Thank you for sharing
Thanks for sharing but the sun here in SA rises in the east.....
Congrats on your hunt, and thanks for sharing !
Congrats. Sounds like you had a good time and a great first experience. Thanks for sharing here.
Congratulations! Funny how disorienting new places can be. I was in my twenties before I spent more than 4 weeks straight out of sight of the Rocky Mountains to my west. Missed that reliable frame of reference…

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