SOUTH AFRICA: Endless Success In Green Hills Of KMG Hunting safaris


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May 22, 2011
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When we three hunters decide to go to Marius, only I was sure about right decision. Other Korne and Augis fells like normal first timers: maybe few chances,and 2-3 trophies in 6 hunting days...After 9 months waiting wishes became 8-10 trophies in same 6 days... for me was shock, but not for Marius.Answer to this no problem we do it, now I got second shock -how ?It second time for me in KMG, let try. In 12th MAY we tested rifles in area!!! Adventure started...13th May morning:

upload_2015-6-2_22-32-55.jpeg upload_2015-6-2_22-34-40.jpeg
For Korne first crowling more 200m and last chance used -impala.
Augis dream trophy of all time in first hours, and 2 warthogs not shot.
After lunch

In evening notice from PH to Augis- dont look to long with binoculars ! Left at home -I help him with decision. And it was key to success!


4hours crowling and lying on the ground!!!




be continued....
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Congratulations, nice trophies.
Good stuff,antanas
You boys started very well
If you crawl around and lay about a lot you can hunt at KMG! :)

Thanks for sharing. Look forward to the rest of the story.
I sympathize with Augis ... there are lots of distractions in those binoculars, but it looks like he figured it out! Great start ... thanks for sharing.
sounds like another successful hunt at KMG :)
Congrats on the hunt ... looks like you guys had a great time at KMG! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the rest of the hunt!
Congrats, sounds like you guys had a great first safari. Way to go Marius.
Looks like you guys had a great hunt! Thanks for sharing
Hey... I have a hat like that!

I had a good time with Marius and I am looking forward to hearing more stories of your hunt!
Congratulations on taking nice animals.
Thanks for the report.

Looking forward to the rest.
Can Marius get you 2-3 trophies in 6 days? oh, that's good.

Last year my wife and I went with a list of 8 animals together for an 8 day hunt.
After 6 days of hunting, of which Lana only hunted about 4 days. Slept in some half-days and did a "girls's day out one day"
She killed the 4 she wanted and I shot 7 and just finally decided to go quit hunting and go to game parks and do some other stuff she wanted to do.
11 animals in 6 days.

glad you had a great hunt!!
I like your avatar. It is really cool how the curl of the Kudu's horn centers on it's eye.
Glad you had an enjoyable hunt.
15th May,morning , Korne,Marius,and me looking for nyala.Nice bull 120m on opposite slope what can be better.Shot,jump,hide unde small piece of bush.Hadshakes,discusions,waiting for transport in shooting point.After 20 min. suddenly I notice slowly like normal valking bull, my reakcion: Korne shoot!!!Marius asking do you want to shoot second bull?No it the same!!!Korne looooking to us to bull with white face and shaking hands???
Shoot Iwill pay!!!Buummm....Trackers looking ----only one bull is lying.Korne drinking brendy from the bootle and cant talk....And rest of the day in photos.

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Sounds like quite a trip!
Good thing there was a top grade appie PH willing to back his call with $$.
Not many people are that self assured to call a shot like that.
Well done.
Well done on a great hunt gentleman!
Hey... I have a hat like that!

I have a hat just like the guy with the Black Wildebeest.

I'll be getting my KMG hat next April! :E Dancing:

Great report and super trophys.
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be contined it only three days:A Big Thanx:

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made it to camp , had a big Braai last night with some awesome T-bones! ready to start the day!
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