SOUTH AFRICA: Elephant Hunt With Paw Print Safaris 2015

*it would be good to get lots of photos of the breaking down and tusk removal of your hooge mammoth to charles
Charlie, if the elephant meat tastes know you have been fed a prime A grade beef...:E Horrified::E Horrified:
Bryson and I begin the journey home the 7th. Best wishes on your hunt!
@CAustin well done and congratulations, how far was the shot taken from ?
@Paw Print , Pieter what process do you use to remove the tusks?
Hornady DGS retained almost all it's weight and is just slightly distorted. It went into the bulls right side of the head three inches in front of the ear hole. It was recovered just under the skin on the left side.

Now that's what I call a good bullet!!!!
Well done Charlie....

congratulations on your successful elephant hunt!

theres another trophy .for the trip,so far Charlie..
looks like you could nearly re use it .............
theres another trophy .for the trip,so far Charlie..
looks like you could nearly re use it .............

Bluey it is in remarkable shape. The skull of an elephant is a huge thing! While the inner part of the skull is sort of honey combed bone the exterior on both side is quite thick! For this bullet to almost pass through and end up just under the skin on the far side and look almost unused is amazing to me!
I now have three of the big five taken with Hornady DGS and DGX bullets!
I'm impressed with this and it will go on the wall in a shadow box!
state of the art!!!!!i have my hornady bullet also.beautiful.
Congrats. All the preparation and excitement boiled down to one shot. Well done! It is so nice to make the perfect shot and take your animal cleanly. Looks like a very nice elephant. Bruce
Thank you to everyone for all the nice comments! I will post more details and pictures in the coming days.
Well done to all involved!

Where did you hunt your elephant Charlie? Was this in one of the PNR's?


charlie,dont forget to have one of your team make you a couple of elephant hair bracelets out of your tail.we had three made and still plenty of hair left to display it as part of your elephant trophies.
003 (3).JPG
Good idea Edward!

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