SOUTH AFRICA: Elephant Hunt With Paw Print Safaris 2015

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This picture just arrived today from my taxidermist in South Africa. My tusks are going to look very cool on each side of the fireplace in my den.
Sir that looks great! Remember to post a picture standing between them once you get them?
Very nice Charlie! I dream of having a set on each side of my fireplace too!
I truly envy you sir..............
Very nice Charlie!
EXCITING stuff....... have a great father & son hunt. Safe flights and South Africa welcomes you!!
Nice Charlie! watch the heat from the fire place!
Very nice Charlie! Congrats.

Can't wait to see the pictures when you get them home.
Love it.
Looks good, cant wait to see a pic of then around your fireplace!
Thanks for all the nice comments guys. I hope to get them shipped soon.
Yes you did it after the book Charlie, read what ever you can and learn as much as possible and that's the key for success when it's comes to elephant hunting, well done and a classic nice montage of the tusks !
I hope that Art II and I will get a chance to see them and your photo book during one of my trips to Kansas City. In the meantime feel free to "gloat" over your trophies. I know for damn sure I would. All of us are envious.
Art we will plan on sharing one the trophies make it stateside!
Looks fantastic Charlie...

Thanks Ado. Logwin logistics has them in Joberg now so I should hear about shipping this week!
Still waiting on Logwin Logistics to get room on SA airlines to ship. Seems the explanation now is that SAA has a backlog freight in their hub in Washington DC. Of course things are also closed down for the holidays in South Africa.
OK good news to report! We have a departure date! Happy Happy Happy! A belated Christmas is on it's way!
OK good news to report! We have a departure date! Happy Happy Happy! A belated Christmas is on it's way!
Way to go, buddy!!!! Wish you all the elephant hunt in Zim starts Feb 20th!!
Best of luck Bruce on the hunt

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