SOUTH AFRICA: Day 1 Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris

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    Day 6 Afternoon Wintershoek/Johnny Vivier Safaris

    After lunch and some R & R with Debbie, Jacques asked if I wanted to hunt this afternoon. I of course said I would. He then asked what I'd like to hunt. I was contemplating red heartebeest but for some reason Mountain Reedbuck intriuged me. Jacques said that there were a few really nice males in the mountains and that we would have to hunt by foot. Great ! Spot and stalk in the rugged rocky hills!
    Jannie drove us to the base of the ridge of kopjes. Jacques and I then headed up the steep rocks to hunt the summits with the wind in our favor. About 1/3 of the way up Jacques stopped for a breather and asked" how are you"? I laughed as I wasn't even winded and told him he should try chasing elk at 11,000 in Colorado. We continued up slowly climbing the rocks towards the crest. Just as we were nearing the top of the first kopje 3 mountain reedbucks dart from the rocks and head up to the ridge top. Jacques says "that male in the group is very good" as he sets the sticks in one fluid motion. The reedbucks get almost up the steep precipice, but they stop and look back. I hear whistling and think it's Jacques trying to stop them. My rifle hits the sticks and I get on the male reedbuck and squeeze all within 2 seconds. They bolt towards the peak and I hear Jacques say" I think you missed". I was very sure of the shot and it felt good. As the reedbuck turns Jacques now says" you got him I see blood all over his side" The reedbuck gets just about to the top of the rocky peak and tumbles off the side! We exchange hand shakes and congratulations once again. I ask Jacques "how far was he when I shot?" He ranges to the spot and it's 176 yards, which was the shortest shot of the safari.He asks me if I heard them whistling at us. I said yes but thought it was you trying to stop them.He enlightens me that the mountain reedbuck whistle when alarmed. We climb to the spot we last saw the reedbucks and find blood leading down the side of the drop off. We creep slowly down the steep incline and find the reedbuck dead on a rock ledge.He was a very nice mountain reedbuck that measured 5 7/8". We radio Yannie and begin the familiar ritual of taking photo's.


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