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May 25, 2009
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South Africa, Namibia, Zambia
Outfitter: @Tally-Ho HUNTING SAFARIS Limpopo South Africa - Stuart Williams Owner/PH and PHs Rudi & Willoughby

Guns Used: Remington Model 700 in 404 Jeffery. Pacnor barrel gunsmithing by Ernie Boardman Gunners Sport Shop Brooking Oregon. The scope used was a Nikon African 1 – 4x with a German reticle. Federal Ammo w/ 400 gr. Woodleigh SP

Tikka in 6.5x55 with Leopold 2 – 7x 33 with BDC (ballistic drop compensator)

Dates August 14th to 20th

Game Seen: Giraffe, Cape Buffalo, Impala, Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Sable (very, very many) Roan, Zebra, Warthog, Ostrich, Livingstone and Cape Eland, Nyala, warthog, oryx, and Hyena. Also saw lots of mongooses and plenty of birds. I am probably missing a few.

Rifle Service: Henry from

My past hunting reports have been very detailed but due to jet lag and being under the weather the details are lacking so this will be more of a summary.

1. I found no problem in bringing my rifles. Everyone from the US to RSA was very helpful. Henry was money well spent. Yes, there were some extra steps, especially in traveling from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth but not a big deal. I would not hesitate to bring guns again.

2. This was my first trip to Africa I hunted with a friend - Bill. Previous trips were by myself

3. I liked that Stuart had a proper range with building and multiple targets at different distances. My experience sighting in has usually been to shoot at that dark spot on the tree. :)

4. This was a cull hunt and we took the following animals
i. Cow Cape Buffalo both of us
ii. Giraffe both of us
iii. I took one zebra; Bill took three
iv. Impala. Bill took one and I took two
v. Bill also took a mean-looking baboon

Some of Bills Animals


5. My shots were all less than 80 yards. I think Bill shot as far as 200 yards with his 416 Remington

6. My only miss was on a cow Cape Buffalo. Later, I ended up getting another shot at a Cow Cape Buffalo. I hit her a little low on the front shoulder breaking her leg and slowing her down. Another shot put her down and another shot for insurance.


7. My buddy Bill said the experience was something like Tracks out of Africa where you are driving until you see fresh tracks, you dismount and off you go stalking.

8. One late afternoon/evening, while sitting in a hunting tower a group of Buffalo Bulls came into the water. What a sight! The artist John Banovich did a painting called the offensive line and these bulls reminded me of that picture. They were all lined up like American football linemen. Looking at their bosses maybe 20 yards away was exciting. I was doing the math on upgrading from a cow cull to a trophy bull. I decided to pass.


9. Accommodations were excellent. We each had a nice bungalow with great hot water pressure and good beds.

10. I managed to get two of my bullets back after firing. I can’t remember which animals but they weighed:

a. Bullet 1 388.6 gr for retention of 97% weight retention
b. Bullet 2 382.4 gr for retention of 95.6 Weight retention


11. The chef Karen was phenomenal. His cooking excelled. His meals were better than any restaurant in the Cincinnati area.

12. Talking with Bill afterward we could not find any fault or any suggestions for improvement with Stuart’s operation, staff, and equipment. It was a great hunt and Bill talked about coming back for a trophy bull.

Last note: Much to the PH's and staff enjoyment I wore a kilt hunting for a few days. I say Kilt they say skirt. :)
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Looks like you had a fun hunt, congrats!
Good report - thanks for posting.

Did you take anything with the 6.5x55 - and if so, what bullet and how did it perform?
Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Sounds like a wonderful trip!
I thought it would be easier to hunt a trophy Bull or I saw more bulls than cows. I am sure if I was hunting Bulls all I would see are cows :)

I took one impala with 140 gr accubonds. I shot another dozen animals in the Eastern Cape the following week with the 6.5 x 55 and I thought it was fine.
Congratulations on a great hunt. Thanks for sharing it with us

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