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Feb 24, 2015
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please excuse my delay in posting my report. Let me just say my first trip to Africa was everything I had dreamed of. I hit the nail on the head with these outfitters. The best two guys I have ever found I outfitting, hands down. No detail was overlooked and the hospitality and comrodery were second to none. I'll work on the details later, but I know how you all love the pics. The first is my favorite. My grandfathers chain on an impala. This charm accompanies me on all my trips as it did him. I place this on all of the animals I hunt. My small token of respect for animal and to the man who taught me the meaning of hunting. I promised it would hang on a kudu. That did not go my way this time. Now I have to go back.
Details of the trip to follow.....




The chain of your grandfather's is way beyond cool...

Thanks for sharing that in particular. Makes me think of my own grandfather. :)
love your talisman, jody
great animals ,mate
looking foreward to reading all about it
Always a good reason to go back.

Always good to pay some respect to the folks who taught us..

Thanks for sharing. Look forward to some those details when you can.
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I like the chain...its a great way to pay respects and really grounds us as to why we hunt. You will get that Kudu on your next trip....and it will mean all that much more because of all of the effort. Great trophys and I look forward to the rest of the story......
Congrats! Africa gets in your's hard forget that continent.
Congrats, good trophies !

Nice of you to remember your grandfather like that.
You did get some nice trophies.
Congrats on a Great First Safari! The St. Hubertus Medal of your Grandfathers is an especially nice thought. Hunting is a heritage we must carry forward. I pray to St. Hubertus quite often when hunting. Not only because he is the Patron Saint of the hunt but also of thos with knee ailments!
Thanks for posting, always nice to see the respect paid to the animal and those that have led the way.
love the chain! never got to hunt with a grandfather, but my dad taught me the importance.
I pray my children learn as well
Congrats on your hunt!

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