SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Has Anyone Hunted With Bushmans Quiver African Safaris


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Have not seen any listing for this outfitter and was wondering if anyone or group has hunted with " Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris" South Africa.

I was drawn for A 7 Day Plains Game Safari for 2016 " Dream Hunt Raffle" and would like to know if someone who has bowhunted or Rifle hunted with them can give me some feedback PRO or Con.


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When some of the Limpopo PH's manage to wake up after surviving last evening (SCI get together) they may be able to give you some information.

They have a good list of references on their website.
If they have contact info I'd get on those as well.

Congratulations on your luck with the draw.
Hey hey hey I'm up!!! :) I'm sure someone will help you soon.

My best always.. :)

I am wondering the same thing. from their website looks like the last pictures are from 2011?

No one got on this so lets see if some one will come back and give us some info?

anyone put there give us some info on Bushmans quiver?

I have hunted with Bushman's Quiver and recently just got back from the vacation/hunt of a lifetime!

Upfront...I do not own stock in the company nor do I have any affiliations other than the fine people that I've met with the company but I can tell you that I will be hunting with them again.

I am not an avid hunter so when I won a 7 day plains game safari I was leery to say the least. I researched it and spoke with several people who lauded over how wonderful it the degree that I thought something was awry. Well, the approbation was well founded! My wife and I went and had the vacation of a lifetime...and she was not a fan of hunting! She is now a convert.

I "came back" with 10 animals including a grizzled Cape Buffalo and will remember this event to my dying day.

The owner Stephan and his family are the real deal and will not disappoint.


FYI...I joined this blog for the singular reason of replying to this post.
Thanks Keith

I will be heading to SA in less than two months for my hunt and am getting excited.
I will add that Bushmans Quiver just came out with an all new updated website.

I've been told that some of the animals we tipped over will be on their website soon!

Enjoy your hunt and know that my wife and I are jealous!


Thanks for your reply....

I also won a 7 day hunt for 2016....

My wife and I were in So Africa in 2012 ... we hunted with Mike Birch of Hunt the Sun Safari... It was a great hunt.

Se my post on that hunt.

My wife is not a hunter and I want to make sure she will have the opportunity to do some site seeing ... perhaps to Kruger, Vitoria falls , etc.

I see your wife went along ... did she site see while you were out hunting?

Also, I hear that they have a lake that clients can fish in? Did you guys avail yourselves of that?

Would also like to see pic of your trophies if you would be so kind.

Thanks again,

I'd be happy to share photos. I'm not sure how to do it without being very cumbersome on the blog. If you give me your email I'd be happy to send you some pic's.
My wife went hunting with me, i.e. stayed in the back of the truck (not back seat) and took in the sites and sounds that way. She loved it…her words not mine.
We did no fishing or other activities except the hunting safari.
2014-07-18 10.33.34-5.jpg

I can't speak to other hunting outfits as this was my only experience but my wife and I are adamant about going back with the same company and people except bringing our kids this time.
2014-06-30 00.27.44.jpg
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Bushman's Quiver does offer(?) other non hunting activities which sounded intriguing but we were busy hunting. My wife took hundreds of pictures while enjoying the scenery and wildlife.
My recommendation would be to contact Hunter Roop who represents Bushman's Quiver here in the US.

W. Hunter Roop, Exclusive Agent
Colorado, USA
Mobile: 303-884-3009

I have a neighbor who knows Hunter personally and has hunted with him in North America as well as Africa and speaks nothing but great things about the man. My experience was the same although I've not had the pleasure of hunting with him.

The owner, Stephan, is also salt-of-the-earth guy…half a world away. I did hunt with Stephan although my PH was officially a gentlemen by the name of FC, who I will be requesting on my next hunt also. There is no better team in my estimation.

Stephan van der Merwe, Owner/Outfitter & Professional Hunter
Postal: P.O. Box 3521 Modimolle, 0510 South Africa
Mobile: +27 82 887 2154
Fax: +27 86 649 5153
I just sent some pic's. Confirming its not

I liked all the beasts but I don't have numbers for any of them. I'll see if I can get them from the taxidermist. The Cape was an old grizzled beast that had worn down a quite a bit of his horns so he wouldn't score well, but he was a seasoned animal and ready to be tipped over.

I think your kudu is in the 52 inch Plus or Minus range. He's a nice animal, you should be proud.
Thanks enysse...I really don't know but I am proud. I think the Gemsbuck and Sable are very nice size critters although I'm confident they don't break any records.

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I think you got some GREAT trophies! But the memories and moments are important too!
I couldn't agree more, and that's something that just can't be explained to someone who has not gone yet. I will treasure every memory, and nuanced memory, for the remainder of my years. I pray, Lord willing, that I get to build on those memories by additional trips!

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