SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: 3rd Trip With African Arrow Safaris


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Feb 7, 2012
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This was undoubtedly the most exciting, adrenaline rushing and exilarating hunt I have ever been on in my life. Happened with Harry Nel and African Arrow Safaris. First rattle out of the box, we got to hunt in the Kalahari region of RSA for a spot and stalk bowhunt for and African lioness. Success came quick with a 42 yards shot during the lunch hour on a 400+ pound lioness and a 40 yard death run! We had been on the track since early in the morning. My hunting partner killed the other lioness of this group a little over an hour later after about a half mile spot and stalk. 20 yards hot with her in a tree anchored her to the ground in under 20 seconds! We trekked back to the main lodge in the Limpopo for a Waterbuck kill and 2 spot and stalk Limpopo River Bushbuck kills by Monty, my hunting partner. His first Bushbuck kill completed his Spiral Slam and the first for a bowhunter with AAS. I was very lucky to harvest a very old mature Klipspringer out of a hide and then followed that up with 2, yes 2 spot and stalk kills on Bushbucks on the same day on 2 different concessions along the Limpopo River. My first also completed my Spiral Slam. The 4 of us hunting with Harry connected on 21 animals with one wife wanting to get in the action and taking a Blue Wildebeest and Gemsbock with a crossbow. If you are ever looking for 5 star accomodations, food and trophy animals, look no further than African Arrow Safaris. Limited # of hunters per 10 day hunt and limited number of hunters per year contribute to the quantity and trophy quality of the game. I will put the trophy quality of the animals we have taken in 3 hunts with Harry against anyone in South Africa. I receive no special pricing or favors and I am not a booking agent, jsut a very satisfied customer that knoew what AAS has to offer a serious bowhunter in South Africa. I have included pics of my lioness, Klipspringer, Monty's and my first Bushbucks and my 2nd Bushbuck. Enjoy.




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Congrats Mudslinger those are some awesome trophies Bushbuck are high on my list for my next hunt.
Bushbuck addict.
Congratulations on your successful hunt. Great to see someone satisfied with their outfitter.
A 50 gallon drum of congrats to you mudslinger. That sounds like one hell of a hunt my friend.:thumb::thumb:
Well done mudslinger! Thanks for posting your hunt report and trophy pictures...
Congrats Mudslinger, for a great hunt and very good trophies !

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the hunting report, I'm getting bushbuck envy fever looking at those photos!

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