SOUTH AFRICA: Best Hunt Of My Life With KMG Hunting Safaris


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Feb 15, 2015
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The wife and I returned a week ago from a 10-day hunt with KMG. A outstanding, fantastic trip. My wife really enjoyed herself, not hunting, but a very patient observer. The trip started with a flight to Cape Town and a self drive along the Garden Route. Very beautiful, interesting, with a ton of things to do. The lodge at KMG is very nice. The staff is excellent and go out of their way to make sure you have what you need and to make you feel at home. Very relaxing at the end of the day. The food was awesome. Michelle does a great job, thank you for the great meals and the personal touch young lady. Graham- the lodge manager is a outstanding young man (thanks for the early morning coffee) and a very good hunter in his own right. Lloyd our tracker and skinner was very good at his craft. Very pleasant to be around. Lloyd really cares about your trophies and does a darn good job of taking care of them. Now for this Marius character: he is a relentless, hard core machine. He goes the extra mile and hunts really hard. Something I really appreciate. The nice thing about Marius and his operation, is that they hunt many different species, in many different places in Africa. Not just outstanding plains game. Will we be back? absolutely!! Marius really takes care of those personal touches. I trust him 100%. Very nice to meet his wife-Kim, a very super gal.
They really made us feel like we made life long friends at Mpunzi Lodge.
Miss ya Flex, Rigby,and Bolt

A few lessons learned: I would do the self drive after the safari. I was so jacked up to get hunting that I couldn't enjoy it as much as doing it afterward.
Been said here a lot, but practice from those sticks.
Use a proper caliber for the intended game and a premium bullet. I used a 338 win mag with barnes TSX
Do the ocean fishing, it was fun, and the folks at the lodge cooked them up that night on the open fireplace. Doesn't get much better than that.

Thanks Louw for the stories and the help with the bushbuck.

One more note. I'd like to thanks AH and the great folks on here. I think this is one the top hunting sites out there, and by far the best on African hunting. Without AH I would not have found KMG.

All loaded up ready to go.

A dream come true

What a cool animal



Kirsten with the big catch of the day. Hey lady!

Dinner menu one night at the lodge, always something good!

Hard earned waterbuck

What a privilege taking a animal like this

Sunset from the lodge deck

A well deserved rest after a long day

The Professionals - except the lucky nut with the sun glasses on

Last but not least: a super bonus trophy. This duiker has been spotted briefly about once a year for the past 3 years in a little valley. Always out of range, but not this time. He is predominantly white. Hard to tell from the pictures, but Marius has some good ones. Very happy to get him.
SAM_0744 (1).JPG


Oops almost forgot the warthog - cant forget the warthog!
Awesome :A Way To Go: Thanks you for the hunt report and great pics:D Beers:
Excellent trophies, very good quality. I really like the bushbuck! That common duiker is a once in a lifetime trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like you had a great time! Excellent job! Duiker that matches no other! The other trophies were just as good!
wow you had one great hunt. Marius and his guys always come through for the hunters. Great job by everyone
You had a great hunt sir! Glad you added the picture of the pig!
congratulations and thank you for sharing your experience!
Marius did it again!

I am really jealous of that duiker. What a stud!
Congrats on a great hunt! The duiker is incredible!
Incredible hunt, congratulations! Yet another glowing KMG report!
very very nice- duiker is world class
Good advice and you guys obviously got the job done.
Congratulations on your successful hunt.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

As you know, that duiker is a less than a once in a lifetime trophy. Not only is he a heck of a duiker, but white??? Wow...

Assuming that guy is getting full body mounted? I'd make room and explain to the wife that she should just be happy I didn't shoot a white buffalo! :A Banana Sad:
Outstanding. Congratulations and thank you for posting the report and photos. It looks like you had a fantastic time.
Very nice
My wife and I hunted with kmg last May and are returning this oct and nov. so the white ghost of kudu canyon has been harvested. Congrats. I thought it was a pipe dream but my wife swore it existed. Guess I'm wrong again
As said that Duiker is a stunner.

These trip reports keep up from KMG and Marius and crews' heads won't be able to fit through the lodge door!

Good stuff.

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