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Apr 8, 2019
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Walk quietly;stay behind my tracker, Ph, and Husband. I I know I’m designated photographer,pain-in- the ass, and simple tag-along…but to me, it’s exhilarating!! I’m able to enjoy the majesty in front of me.Overwhelmed,and in awe of my surroundings, I take it all in…Africa makes me feel small,and I embrace this.After all,I’m not the one hyper-focused on strategy,wind,shot placement, and constant thoughts of”when” and “what if”- I’m just kinda’ ‘there.
I pick up handfuls of rock on every site - tokens of memories- Hey,I’m a girl;we’re kinda weird like that…I stay in my place and enjoy the epic hunt that unveils itself in front of me.
I watch from the truck as my Husband disappears into the dense brush;in pursuit of one particular Cape buffalo-an old Dagga Boy, dangerous and notorious for killing other bulls. Broken- horned and scarred beyond be belief-The One!
Heck,I’ll let him tell THAT story…
He made a perfect front-on shot through the heart.
The Melle that followed is written in some men’s obituaries. Wonderstruck and still a bit shaken, I pick up some rocks and took a lot of photos

Days later,he sets upon a kudu that ALMOST made the grail size of 60”. I watched as he put the bull down with a surgical “Texas heart shot” from hell… the bull dropped where he stood;He never twitched!! Even our PH Francois was speechless!
I picked up a Guinea feather, a handful of rocks, and took a lot of photos

By now, I’m thinking I am so grateful to be along- a quiet pain-in-the ass.
Safari done, right?
Nope…My husband reminds me there are two days left of hunting and it was MY turn.ME?!
You’re joking,right? I don’t have a list, I was just’there’ Wheels begin to turn now,I’m up!
Thanks to Marius at KMG I’ve already harvested a fair amount of magnificent trophy plains game,so I had no idea what to do.
There was an area nearby with big impala-why not try find a bigger one?Okay… after showing photos of the one I’ve already harvested,the hunt was on.
We searched many places, saw many impala,but none made the grade…I picked up some rocks and took some photos…
On the last hours of the last day Francois spots a herd with “my” ram. Now,mind me, I am with my Husband, who shoots things”up the ass” and they DIE;He conquered a notorious Buff with a single shot -I am in the presence of three me who hunt brilliantly- my Husband,PH, and the owner of this property whose trophy room rivals some museums I’ve visited…and the tracker.
I’ve got to focus on one glorious ram in a large herd- no pressure!No! None!!Yer kidding me!!
Francois asks me if I’m comfortable at a long shot,as we hadn’t much cover-I believe my answer was “we’ll find out”. Sticks go up;a bit shaky, but I’m not about to try to show it… don’t…TIME…
My ram took a few steps and dropped in a pile. 230 yard shot right through the heart. SON-OF-A…!!! He measured short of 25”.
I picked up some rocks and this time, someone ELSE took the photos

Thank you to all at Africa Maximum Safaris for making this unforgettable experience possible.
Take someone hunting!!!!
Very nice Impala. Congrats. Thanks for sharing with us.
Thanks so much for a wonderful and unique perspective! The heck with his buff, that ram is terrific.
Glad you swapped PIA roles with @jacques smith. Nice Impala and great shot.
Thanks for sharing your side.
Looks like you have a great time no matter what is happening, a different perspective and nice outcome. keep enjoying the adventures of life.

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