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Feb 1, 2011
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Good day all AH members.

Follow Limpopo Big Game Safaris on Safari.

Our goal is to make you part of our day to day experience in the African bush.
Each day we will post a short report of the day's happenings.

Out first Safari for the 2022 season has begun

Plaines Game hunt with Ivan and first time African hunter Tamas from Hungary



275608531_707525106918707_6621062746621567229_n (1).jpg





In preparation of our first hunt that starts on Monday, everyone is hard at work today.
Our first guests for the year has arrived safely and we are in transit back to Limpopo.

Follow us this week as we go after Sable, Kudu and more.

Arrival day

After a long days drive we finally made it back to the Lodge.
Team LBG Safaris were waiting us in on arrival.




First day of our trip
And the first animal taken is a nice Sable bull!

The day started early, our team of hunters were out in search on Sable. After some much appreciated rain early in the season it was hard to follow tracks but everything finally came together.

No knowing where to start the team of hunters decided to stalk some watering holes in hopes to find some Sable tracks. About a two miles into the walk our tracker Michael spotted some movement under a Paperbark tree. The hunters got down and the stalk was on. Crawling through the tall grass and what felt like a eternity, Bossie got Ivan to about 150yards from a beautiful Sable bull. With Ivan now on the shooting sticks ready with the 375H&H the hunters waited for the opportunity. As the bull turned slightly to the left, Bossie gave the command. Ivan took no time to placing the bullet in the Sable's chest. The bull ran about 50yards to where he went down.


After our Sable hunt in the morning we were on our way again to hunt the Northern slope of the Soutpansberg Mountain.
We were all greatly blessed with a fabulous Gemsbok and Warthog.


275665368_708883806782837_2962134994606596373_n (1).jpg


What a day?

With the rains that fell early morning the hunting was a bit slow.
Firstly I had Tamas on a Kudu bull that stayed put in one spot and never gave us an opportunity before he vanished into the mountains.
With more rain coming down on us, we decided to take a break and have lunch under the Nyala berry trees.
Later we were all out in search of something to attack
Although everything happened on a slow pace we were blessed with 2 beautiful Impalas. Christopher Klopper guided Greta to take a beautiful male, then at last light Tamas had a chance on a great buck as well.


Leica the new puppy was also on her first hunting trip today.





View attachment 457830


Back at the lodge we all enjoyed a heartily meal of Sable tender loin prepared by Elizna Mostert , Steven and Mavis.




With more rain coming down on us, we decided to stay in and wait for the rains to clear.
But with the first opportunity Christopher was out with his team of hunters in search of game.

Andreas who has never hunted before took his first African animal. The team of hunters we blessed with a very good Impala.


Not knowing what the rains would do, we decided to give it another go.

Tamas and I was after Kudu but the aliments were against us. Christopher was able to guide another First time hunter Örkényi to a very unique Impala trophy.

"HERE is how it happened"
Today was yet another tough day in the office....
The windy, wet weather definitely didn't play in our favor.
After a tough morning we finally spotted a very special Impala ram ....
We made a stalk in on him, as got to about 80 m away Örkényi got on to the shooting sticks and made a perfect shot on this beautiful Impala ram......
The last few days was very special for the Örkényi family and Greta as they all shot their first African animals......

More rain is coming down on us, hopefully it will clear and give us an opportunity to find Tamas hi dream Kudu bull.

STAY TUNED for more African adventures following soon..

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Day 5

With all the elements against us, some more rains came down last night and early morning. However, that wasn't going to keep the team of hunters in the lodge.

Christopher Klopper and Sakkie Naudé guided the team of hunters today while I had to do permits in town.

With me not being on the hunt, the report came back that Balazs shot a beautiful Blue Wildebeest bull.

Stay tuned for more news from the African bush.
Excellent report. I love the format. Keep up the good work. Your friend, Brian
Great report. The lodge is looking better than ever.
OP...PH Christopher Klopper

How to sum up a perfect last day ....
After a rainy week ,the skies finally opened up ....

We headed out early in the morning to n property on the Soutpans Berg mountain range in search of Kudu ,Wildebeest and Zebra ....

Bossie Mostert and Sakkie Naudé scanned the mountains for Kudu ....

I headed to the open sand fields on top of the mountain in search for Wildebeest ....

After about 30 min we spotted an old Wildebeest bull ......
I got Greta on the shooting sticks and she made a perfect shot ...
The bull dropped in his tracks ....

After taking pictures , I got a called from Bossie that they shot a Kudu way up in the mountain ..

Tamas made two beautiful shots on the Bull, while waiting for the recovery team to bring the Kudu down the mountain....

Myself and Sakkie made a proper bush barbecue for lunch ....
After lunch we decided to search the lower areas of the farm for Zebra
And about 15 minutes later we bumped into Zebra ....

Andras reacted quick and made a perfect shot on the Zebra ...
About 50 meters the Zebra dropped ...

We had an absolute blast with the two families...
Their life long dreams became a reality....

We wish the safe travels as they depart tomorrow ...View attachment 458210View attachment 458213View attachment 458214View attachment 458211View attachment 458212View attachment 458215
View attachment 458216
Hunt No 2 for 2022

Yet another sunset with great memories.

Our hunt started at around 10 this morning. We were out looking for a specific Sable bull that I have seen before, but how do you find one specific on 10'000 hectares?

We started driving the roads in hopes to find fresh tracks in the morning but, we found none.

Today was just one of those days that no matter what we did, nothing worked out.

At noon our trackers were still lokking for tracks while I started a fire to grill the lunch.

After lunch, Elias our local tracker said we should check a different side of the property, but still we found nothing.

As the sun was setting and the hopes were low we decided to head back to the lodge.

Just then we found a fresh track that could be of the bull we were lokking for.

Michael my head tracker and Elias followed the track up the mountain.

About 20min later, Michael called on the radio, he saw the bull but it ran away from them.

With limited time, we had to make a plan.

Greg and I rushed to a cutline where I expected the bull to cross. Unfortunately when we got there, the bull was already there and took off again.

We followed the tracks in hopes to catch up.

Finally we saw him again through the brush.

The bull turned side ways and I opened the shooting sticks.

Greg took no time and place a dullet on the bulls shoulder.

Dead on it's feet the bull took off like a rocket.

We followed the track and found the bull lying in abush about 80y from where Greg shot him.

A perfect ending to a great day.

Stay tuned as we go buck in the morning to look for Klipspringer.

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15 years....
100 + Nights on the back of a pickup and in blinds...It finally happened.
It has been Greg's dream and mission to collect a African Civet and tonight it all worked out.

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After a long day on scouting and going through several groups of Rhino, we finally connected with this bull.

With only one well placed shot behind the shoulder, he went down within a hundred yards.
Did you put the tape on that one? Not usually a measurement guy but that is exceptional.
Good day AES

The Sable measured 48" on the Right side and 49" on the Left
After a stormy flight I am safely in Namibia for the upcoming hunt.

Stay tuned
Our recent hunt in Namibia resulted in some outstanding trophies.

Weeks of pre-baiting was the key to success.
On day 3 of our hunt we had an outstanding Leopard male in the salt.

LBG Safaris Namibia (2).jpg

LBG Safaris Namibia (1).jpg

Having some days to spare before heading back to South Africa we decided to hunt for some plains game as well.

LBG Safaris Namibia (5).jpg

LBG Safaris Namibia (11).jpg
At Limpopo Big Game Safaris It's all about making dreams come true.
Chuck has hunted Africa several times in different locations, Including Kenya when hunting was still open, but never got a big Kudu bull.
With lots of planning and preparation it all came together.
The smile on the face says it all.......That's what we live for, another dream come true at 84 years young.

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