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    1. A Savage Mod. 430 20 ga. Over/Under...neat old gun in great condition, patterns great, Hard to find...$800 shipped.

    2. A Brno Mod. 21 double square bridge samll ring Mauser, 9.3x62 caliber, an outstanding rifle, 26 inch barrel, shoots great. My walk a long ways Cape Buffalo rifle, its light and handy...$2700.

    3. Ruger M-77 MK 11, Stainless steel, 338 Win. shoots little tiny groups. excellent plus condition. $600.

    4. Win. M-95 (recent production) 30-06 in Saddle Ring Carbine..hard to find..I bought this rifle two weeks ago, shot it about a box, it shot great, but it simply too short for my long arms and the simi cresent butt plate makes adding a recoil pad for length or a slip on impossible so I'm selling it for $1100.
    I paid almost $1300 including taxes for it. I have the original box, all papers, cash receipt, an a peep sight that goes with it. A great buy for someone.

    Contact email or 208-326-4120 or 208-731-4120 (cell)

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