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    ...And Jim Corbett mentioned an animal he called a Baral. This was obviously a native Indian name for the animal, such the Axis Deer's "Chital" nickname, but I haven't been able to figure out what he was referring to. I've wondered if it was a Himalayan Serow, but I'm not sure, and google has turned up no results. Whatever it is, it must be endangered or rare, as I haven't even heard of it before, despite the immense amount of exotic game I've come into contact with in Central/Southern Texas. Does anybody know what Corbett was referring too? It obviously is prevelant at higer altitudes and rougher terrain, as he claimed it could often be found alongside Tahr. Perhaps it's a Markhor?


    It's a Blue Sheep. Turns out Corbett left out the "h" in Bharal, which is the word for Blue Sheep. I wonder why Corbett spelled these names differently. For instance Sambar he called "Sambhar", and Tahr he called "Thar".
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