Sitting here in LAX... glass of wine and passport in hand...

Good for you! Best wishes for you and good luck. Keep us all updated!
Congratulations on another hunt, keep us posted. Tip-toeing though life is no way to live, sounds like you figured that out long ago.
put the first one where its supposed to go.
Wish you the best....enjoy !
You are blessed. Our time on earth is short and tomorrow is promised to no one. Enjoy safari #3 and shoot straight.
We need pics and a detailed recounting of the hunt upon your return.
Enjoy! Life is short. We never know what will happen day to day. Good luck and shoot straight!
Thanks for the best wishes all!

Now, don’t think too poorly of me when I tell you I’m not packing my own rifle this time but rather borrowing a rifle. This was a cancellation Hunt I got the jump on and didn’t have enough time to get the rifle permits managed.

What I will say is this: I have two small carryons and no checked baggage. This has been some of the easiest travel yet!
Used the camp rifle on my third safari and it worked out fine. Plan to do on my next trip in 2020. Have a great time. Looking forward to your report when you get home.

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Hello, I'm in Pewaukee. By the 5 O'Clock club, if you know where that is.
big Eland spotted on the plains this morning!

Daggaboy spotted this morning at the mud-hole!