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    Jonathan Olch of Park City, Utah, is the author of the highly acclaimed new book, A Passion For Permit. Over a 30-year period, Jonathan has chased or caught hundreds of Atlantic permit, along with several other prized Trachinotus species, in premier fishing destinations such as Belize, Florida, Cuba, the Bahamas, Mexico, Honduras, Seychelles, Australia, Oman, Turks & Caicos, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Venezuela and Panama.

    Olch, who is an enthusiastic advocate of a number of conservation organizations, including the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, IGFA, Wild Salmon Center and Trout Unlimited, recently wrote to us about an experience he had with Global Rescue.

    “I was traveling from the western U.S. to Oman to fish for the Southern Pompano (Trachinotus africanus). Upon departure, my health was less than optimal due to my unfortunate exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning, which in turn triggered a bout of asthma. Nonetheless, I tried to put aside my discomfort and concentrate on my fishing,” he said.

    From Oman, Olch immediately traveled to the Bahamas, where he met up with his catamaran, boat captain and some friends..

    “The travel was grueling, exacerbated by a canceled flight and a stressful layover in Istanbul. The respiratory illness I carried with me in Oman had not healed and I found myself wheezing and coughing constantly as we cruised around some of the Bahamian islands. At the end of one of the days, my energy waned badly.”

    Then he remembered that he had signed up with Global Rescue. “I asked my captain to call Global Rescue and seek some advice on my medical condition.”

    Global Rescue immediately located a clinic at Deadman's Cay.

    “My captain persuaded me to get up out of bed and out of my stupor. Thereupon we took the dingy on a wet ride across the bay and were met there by a cab driver,” he noted.

    After a thorough examination, Olch was placed under an oxygen mask and hooked up to an IV drip bag. “That made me feel a lot better. The physician was fabulous and called me the next day to make sure I was feeling better.” Olch later made a donation to the clinic to help buy some much-needed blankets.

    “I never expected to receive decent medical treatment at such a remote location as Deadman's Cay. Global Rescue continued to monitor my health situation, offering suggestions and contacts until I made it back home to Utah.”

    He continued, “Once home, I learned I had contracted a parasite with a case of pneumonia. Things would have been a lot worse had I continued to ignore my symptoms. I was grateful for the physician’s care and the professional assistance I received from Global Rescue. Traveling as extensively as I do, I certainly recognize the value in being a Global Rescue member.”

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    Hey all you old guys over 65, GET YOUR PNEUMONIA shots!

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