Short range grouping evaluation of 4 premium ammunitions in 9.3x62 mm caliber in a Blaser R8


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Dec 1, 2012
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I have recently fired for the first time my Blaser R8 in caliber 9.3x62 mm with a semi-weight fluted barrel that I intend to use as an all-around rifle, including for my first safari to Africa.
The first 3 shots were made at 50 m (55 yards), on a bench rest, with the Aimpoint Hunter 34S that I use on my Blaser Express 97 in caliber 9.3x74R mm for driven hunt.
I used an inexpensive European ammunition, the SPARTAN SP in 285 gr (18.5 g), to check that the Aimpoint setting on the R8 was OK for the test. It was the case.
Then I fired the premium ammunitions that I have selected from this forum and other sources:
BARNES VOR-TX TSX 286 gr (18.5 g)
NORMA SWIFT A-FRAME 250 gr (16.2 g)
BLASER CDP 285 gr (18.5 g)

See the cartidges below, from biggest to smallest:

The regimen was identical than from the SPARTAN bullets:
50 m distance (55 yards), on a bench rest
3 rounds per ammunition, 5 minutes of cooling between each round, with the bolt opened.

The results are below:
5 cartouches + objective + SAKO + SPARTAN + BARNES + NORMA + BLASER + bullets.jpg

My first evaluation is the following:
- For driven hunt at range below 50 m, I can use ANY of the 5 ammunitions providing that the AIMPOINT is set for the R8
- I can use my Aimpoint on the R8 without changes in the setting, only with the BLASER and the BARNES ammunitions
- The BLASER ammunition provides the best grouping at this short range (this is what I had expected before the test from BLASER ammunition in BLASER rifle)
- The 2 lighest bullets (NORMA and SAKO) are above the heaviest ones by 1 to 2 inches

I will keep you posted for the next long range evaluation (100 m -110 yards- and 200 m -220 yards-) with a scope (I am waiting the January sales
to buy a SWAROVSKI 2nd gen 1,7-10x42 BT SR), and on my selection for the years to come !

Glad you like shooting.
Good luck.
I'd love to own an R8!
Good shooting and nice grouping.
My R8 tends to shoot the heavy bullet weights of the caliber better, except for the 6.5x284 barrel I have.

You will really enjoy your R8 and the only thing I do not like about it is the increased cost of barrels, a semi wight fluted over here is close to $2,800 now.

I have hunted all over with the R93 and R8 system--and been using Blaser products since 1999--they are excellent!

Here is a blue wildebeest I took with my R8 semi-weight in 2010



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Thanks 505ED, I will follow your advice and check for more heavy bullets! Very nice animal!
Iliked how the Blaser CDP bullet grouped, a winner by a small margin over the others
A- frame bullets are top performers in Agrican game, I personally prefer them over the Barnes X

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