Search for some good books about Africa and Rifles

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    I search for some good books about Africa - Rifles like this: Safari Rifles II from C. Boddington...
    (This is an great book, over 500 pages, mutch photos, good informations...)

    "Not so old", because in that books are the most of the weapons not more actual.
    And it must have good pictures...

    Did anybody had an idea?

    Best wishes from Germany again (with the first snow in this year).

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    I am just finishing "Dangerous Game Rifles" by Terry Wieland. It is a very informative book covering the beginings to modern day. The author goes over bullet types, action types, ammunition and gun manufacturers, etc. and even has a chapter dedicated to how to use them. Here is a link to the book from where I ordered it. Dangerous-Game Rifles, 2nd Edition (9780892728077): Terry Wieland: Books

    The only thing I found that I disagreed with some, and I am no expert, was he didn't seem very fair towards Hornady and Ruger on the new .375 Ruger and Hornady ammunition. That is just the feeling I had gotten from his work, and I was disappointed as I just took delivery of my Ruger Hawkeye African. Anyways, it is a well written and very interesting book though, you will enjoy it!

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