SDudla Safaris and Infinito Safaris join forces and become one venture !!!!

Discussion in 'Bowhunting Africa' started by Gerhard, Oct 19, 2009.

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    South Africa

    I hope your hunting season is going well.

    I have just started a new job in a new province in South Africa so there is a lot of things happening.

    I would also like to make the following announcement....

    If the moderators will allow me to do so...

    We are pleased to announce that Gerhard Delport and Ryno Potgieter has joined Infinito Safaris as exclusive Bow Hunting Professional hunters.

    Understanding the need for a specialized bow hunting section in our business, we have joined hands with these two pro’s to run and manage our exclusive bow hunting concessions.

    We are further pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive bow hunting concession in the Dwaalboom district of the Limpopo province of South Africa. No rifle hunting is allowed here. The area is roughly 30,000.00 acres big, and Camp S’Dudla will be used as our base of operations.

    Please visit our web-site at Welcome to Infinito Hunting Safaris and click on Bow hunting to be transferred to our web-site that is dedicated to bow hunters.

    Look forward to our specials that we will put on before the end of the month, as a special promotion for this new venture within our organization.

    We are also working on the web site and if there is any advice you can give with regards to improving please let me know.

    Thanks guys...
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    Gerhard, All the best on your new venture. I had a look at the website, looks great.

    Here are some things I might recommend:

    - A "HOME" button in the menu that takes you back to the entry page or better for this website 3 links in the menu to the options offered on the entry page "Hunting", "Bowhunting", "Fishing". The problem is that once past the entry page there is no button to navigate back the entry page to visit the other sections of the website. For example, I might be interested to learn more about fishing after I looked at one of the hunting sections, but there is no obvious way to get there...

    - The menu links change from page to page which can be very confusing to people... They may visit a page that they found in the menu, now it is not in the menu anymore and they can't remember what page they were on where they found that page in the menu. I would highly recommend that your menu stays fixed from one page to the next, always the same.

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