SCIF Launches Tanzanian Lion Conservation Strategy

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    Safari Club International Foundation Launches Joint Tanzanian Lion Conservation Strategy with the International Foundation for Conservation of Wildlife

    Washington, DC – The Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) is joining with renowned lion expert Dr. Philippe Chardonnet of the International Foundation for Conservation of Wildlife (IFCW)to begin one of the largest national lion conservation projects ever undertaken.

    The project will include collecting current lion population data in Tanzania, supporting a national lion workshop to be hosted by the Tanzania government, and producing a science-based national lion management plan. Lions are an important component of the African ecosystem. Data from this project will aid in regional management, which is an essential component of ensuring long-term survival of the species across the continent.

    “Conservation of the African lion is a major focus of my efforts with SCIF this year,” said SCIF President Dr. Larry Rudolph. “Our hope is that this project applies much needed science to the debate on lion status and management, as opposed to the rhetorical arguments that are often heard from anti-hunting organizations.”

    “Tanzania is one of the most important areas for the African lion, and this important research expands on the national lion survey SCIF funded last year in Mozambique. Since these countries are adjacent to each other, we will now have a current perspective of lion status across the core of lion range,” stated SCIF Chair of Conservation Joseph Hosmer.

    A project of this magnitude is not possible without the generous financial support of individuals and partnering organizations. In addition to a grant from Safari Club International, SCIF is pleased to recognize the significant contributions of Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris, Gerard Pasanisi’s company Tanganyika Safari Company, and the SCI North Carolina Triangle Chapter. Also, among those offering help to raise funds was past SCI President John Jackson and other like-minded conservation organizations that are working together to support lion conservation efforts throughout Africa.

    The SCI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that funds and manages worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian services, including such programs as Sportsmen Against Hunger, Sensory Safari, Safari Care, Disabled Hunter, the American Wilderness Leadership School, Becoming an Outdoors Woman & More and Youth Education Seminars (YES) Outdoors. Call 877-877-3265 or visit Safari Club Foundation for more.

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