SCI Investigates Further into Growing Zimbabwe Situation

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    SCI Investigates Further into Growing Zimbabwe Situation

    SCI President Dennis Anderson recently had discussions with State Department officials concerning the Zimbabwe situation. The U.S. State Department was concerned about hunting revenue ending up in the hands of President Mugabe and thus alluded to a nationwide closure of hunting in Zimbabwe. State Department officials were very candid in their discussions with Mr. Anderson in explaining the implications that will affect U.S. hunters who may unknowingly pay for services in Zimbabwe that contribute to the Mugabe regime. The State Department will release a revised list of individuals and companies that have links to the government and with whom it will be illegal to do any business. Per the State Department, the Mugabe government is infiltrating the hunting industry more and more in an effort to collect hard U.S. currency from foreign hunters. When the State Department publishes the new list of Zimbabwean individuals, likely right before our annual convention, SCI will make it available to our members.

    Source: safari Club International

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