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    This is for information for forum members looking for communications while in Africa

    Satellite Phone Rentals​

    You've heard about satellite phones and the convenience and security they offer on hunting trips. Newer models operate anywhere in the world. And the good news is, rental costs and airtimes costs are dropping so fast they are now affordable by just about anyone.

    Consider these scenarios:

    You get hurt on a remote mountain in the NWT, and you need a helicopter to come get you.

    You are in the High Altai of Mongolia and the stock market goes into a terrifying tailspin.

    A relative falls gravely ill while you are in the bush in Cameroon.

    An important business deal develops the week before you are scheduled for a hunt in Nunavut, and you just can't be completely out of touch.

    You get the picture. A satellite phone provides a whole new dimension of security on exotic trips. They make it easier, safer and less anxiety-producing for you to get away. Once you've used a satellite phone on a hunting trip into a remote area, you probably won't leave home again without one.

    A Word About Our Prices

    No "Come-On" Ads No Junk Equipment
    Here at The Hunting Report we rent and sell only top-of-the line 9505A Iridium equipment, and we do so in a forthright manner that does not hide final charges, or force you to buy minutes you don't need. Be sure you read the fine print on competitors' contracts, especially those offering super-low daily rates and per-minute charges. - Babara Crown
    Here at The Hunting Report, we have gained access to a substantial inventory of satellite phones. The phones we've acquired are the top-quality 9505A Iridium phones. Due to the nature of our arrangement with the supplying company, we can put one of these phones in your hands at a cost well below that being advertised by others in the hunting business. Plus, you'll be dealing with The Hunting Report for your rental, one of the most trusted companies in the world. There are no tricks in our contracts, no hidden costs, no reasons to say no.

    The person you will deal with for your rental is Edi. She's been thoroughly trained on this technology, and she's quite familiar with hunting areas around the world. Her standing orders are to explore your phone needs carefully and help you determine whether you really need a satellite phone. If you don't, she's been instructed to tell you that. Fair enough?

    If you have a trip to a remote area planned, and you think you may need a satellite phone, simply click on the space below. Or call us at one of the numbers below.
    - Don Causey, Editor/Publisher.

    Click Here To Have Us Call You With Details


    Print Out Our Rental Contract
    and Fax it back to us.


    Call Us At:
    and ask to speak with Edi ​

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