Sangha Lodge Reopening in Central African Republic

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    Dzanga Sangha and Sangha Lodge; Reopening 1 July 2014

    Sangha lodge will once again be open to tourist from the first of July This year. This follows several months of very unstable conditions that have been unfavourable for long term planning for tourism.
    In the last year of working at Sangha Lodge we have developed strong relations with all the local communities, including the Bantu, Sango, and the Ba’aka and we have worked with them and our WWF partners to develop a plan to secure the area. A small unit of regular Central African army personnel have been stationed in Bayanga for the last two months and have driven the Anti-Balaka away and kept them away, and we all feel that the time is now right to start promoting tourism once again.

    Having lived at the lodge for the last year we have lived through some very interesting times. We lived through The Seleka regime, and saw the arrival of the evil Anti Balaka, and watched helplessly while the Muslims traders and herders fled south past our lodge by boat to the safety of Cameroon. The human tragedy we saw unfold will live with us forever, but while our disgust at the inhumanity was soul-destroying our responsibility to our community and to conservation had to remain our priority. Our presence throughout these awful times served to reinforce our solidarity with the Community who continue to hold hope for a stable and prosperous future, which we hope that tourism will be part of.

    We are under no illusion that our struggle will be an easy one, and know full well that our very survival will continue to depend on donations from our friends and past clients. We thank them, they have been very generous and loyal and without their help we could not have survived. However it is our fervent hope and dream that we will start to get a steady and growing stream of tourist over the coming months. This will help us become financially independent once again and be a real boost to the local morale of the communities as well as the economies around us.

    We ask that you please spread the word that things are improving in our corner of this weird country and that we are once again welcoming tourists.

    Please do respond to this email and let us know if you have any interest in coming To Sangha Lodge in the future and let us know how we can help facilitate this.

    Right now we are out of CAR in South Africa for a break but head back to Sangha Lodge early in July.

    OUR EMAIL ADDRES IS CHANGING TO since we now have acces to real internet most of the time.

    Rod and Tamar Cassidy
    Sangha Lodge
    Central African Republic
    skype: rod.cassidy
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    Unstable governments will always keep people away who fear for their lives. I wish you folks the best in trying to rebuild. God bless you!

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