Sale/Trade Winchester 1895 .405 Takedown (2005) + 200 Rounds Of Ammo + Lyman Sight


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Jan 18, 2023
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Howdy from Texas,

Before I go listing this on any of the other online selling forums, I wanted to offer this first to actual hunters who could make use of and give this a good home. I am selling/Trading my 1895 Winchester Takedown made in 2005 plus 200 rounds of factory ammo plus an uninstalled Lyman pattern sight (also blued). It has never been fired and I may or may not have the original box somewhere in storge. I purchased this thinking I was going to make this into an Africa hunting project, but never got around to it and figured it was time to pass this along. I am looking for $3,000 flat (I will take care of all the shipping and what not as part of the sale) and/or a good trade. I like things English and American Frontier. I am always drawn to old safari guns. I am pretty open however on the trades. If it is something I can collect or shoot, I am generally willing to entertain it. Anyway, shoot me a line and I will make it a point to check this listing every once in a while for anyone interested. Not sure about the policy of posting. I have sold a few guns here before can can offer references if needed for those skittish. I know I do my due diligence when buying. I am no photographer so if you want more photos, just shoot me a line and we can share photos.

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